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If my words sounded like I was minimizing the pain that they're victims feel to this day. I am deeply, sorry. Okay. After he said that his appearance on the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon was cancelled. And I do not feel a great for his publicist and managers and handlers yesterday because. I mean, I'm inclined to feel like he thought he was just being like contrarian and having a little bit of fun. But like now is knows not the time, and that's the top read the room, bro? Yeah, read the room. Yeah, I, I don't know. I think another thing is that. When people like norm Donald, who has a new show in net flicks that a lot of people work for when people when he goes out in public and does this. He's hurting those people too. He's hurting the PA's and the assistance and the interns and his publicist. And you know people at Netflix who are lower rung responsible for helping promote the show. He's hurting a lot of people. And so he should apologize for like the he, you know, for implying that victims don't feel pain compared to Louis c. k. and Roseanne Barr. But he also should apologize to as employees because that really really can fuck you. When you have a host that just goes off the rails like that. It's just it's also just an incredible privilege to have the platform of a show on Netflix. Like that's, I mean, think about think about how many people live in the world and how many people get a platform like that. That is an incredible privilege. Well, this is where it might speak. Sinister fears come into play. He had to known to some extent the waves that a comment like this was going to create, and he also has a show coming out and the idea of. Releasing statements like this to cause a stir to get more attention so that maybe he makes tonight show appearance or maybe gets canceled, doesn't matter either way we're talking about normal Donald. Yeah. I mean, I didn't had no idea. He had a show I didn't either. Yeah, I didn't either didn't know he was going to be on the tonight and there are plenty of places with plenty of audience that would like Joe Rogan has a huge podcast and he regularly hosts people who are kind of contrarian or have believes that it kind of in line with us. So I mean, I don't know. I guess we'll see if he's really sorry, but you know the whole shit storm was I don't accept that apology. I mean, all accepted if it's matched by actions. Yeah, that's fair. That's yeah. All right. One more. Sorry. This week, Karen, what he got Andrew Cuomo looks. Yep. There you go. It's so Andrew Cuomo is in the democratic primary race with Cynthia Nixon? Both Democrats. So the primaries tomorrow and there was a Mailer that's accused ING. Cynthia Nixon of being semitic. Cynthia Nixon has. She is the mother of two Jewish children. So this is a just in terms of like, are, is this what we're doing as a party now that's like not. It's not a good now is like from the Democratic Party of New York that sent out a Mailer attacking one of its own members member? Yes. It's just like, you know, is the is the hand, why are we trying to eat each other now? Are we trying to cannibalize, yeah, you know, also like mainstream Democrats needs and the Nixon style progressives like they need them. I it just, it makes me so mad. Essentially, Cuomo said that he didn't know he didn't know that this happened, but a a New York Post Email, and there's evidence that goes against this and says that there was an official Email that came from his campaign that was essentially trying to take advantage of the situation and say that she was supporting the PLO the Palestinian Liberation Organization..

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