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In the year uh as is improved himself his numbers and his play every single year these been the nba the gone up which is really unheard of i mean just steady improvement now he's got this year were you know with this obvious physical setback but if gordon can come and be a you know a great contributor an allstar level you know i i that sky's the limit for us over the next five years but don't know exactly how to play up yeah i mean i know there are a lot of passionate celtics fans i don't know how much they get to see western conference basketball whining know about gordon hayward is that he was the best player on a team the utah jazz last year that made the playoffs in the west in the west is a difficult place to make the playoffs western conference allstar which is saying something yeah exactly i mean you look at the players it over there so i mean he's he's a very very good players will be really interesting to see how he sort of assimilate into this team once he gets back healthy you mentioned you know having added star not necessarily a big decision you have to make but a big decision you guys do have to make that coming up the end of the season what to do with marcus smart smarts of really unique player wake in that when you look it has may be box score stats are what is shooting percentages and right now it's thirty one point three it doesn't tell the full story of his impact on the games how do you guys evaluate what marcus smart's value is to the boston celtics now will there's a theme here chris of i'm not gonna talk about contract negotiations in advance so you can ask but i'm not going to answer that i ask how how do we well you can ask of it's a little boring if i just say i'm not going to answer but we evaluate marcus smart game by game along with all the other players and he's a phenomenal contributor he's you know a real heart and soul glue guy for the team he makes so many plays the contribute to winning at when we've won a game you.

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