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Twelve ten. You know, why Kanye west favorite superhero is superman. You know, the answer to this adopted. She remained lost his dad. You know, his dad died at a young age when he was at a young age. I guess when he was in well, depending on which I mean high school, I guess technically is I think where Jonathan Kent dies is when he's in highlights, right? Seems to be the well. And then of course, his birth father died when the planet krypton exploded. Two of them, but new fathers too. But his but his dad raised them died of a heart attack is usually how it goes. And he couldn't save him. Although in the dumb movie, they remade man Mana steel he dies in a tornado or something which is so dumb. I draw was his father Giral says biological father. Okay. But he was raised by a cat. That's right. When he was a baby. This is why we always used superman is the the great a poster child for adoption because his birth. Parents put him on a little space ship and sent him to earth. He would serve it'd be the only survivor. Well, his cousin apparently was sent there to supergirl. But I guess we'll deal with that later. But so superman lands in the cornfield in Kansas and there Jonathan and Martha Kent adopt him, but they don't really do it through the proper adoption protocol channels because of the fact that he can lift their car up. So they they wound up adopting him. But then years later his dad should remains dad would die of. Whatever. And he couldn't save them which always always haunting him and his poor little mom was left alone in Kansas. And then he couldn't you know, you had to make all this money at the daily planet that just take care of superman was not rich. You see, you know, he could have robbed a Bank or something. But he can do those things you want to be a law-abiding citizen. But the reason why Conde likes him actually is because he was a Batman fan. Intil? Ben Affleck plays. At that point. Take a shot at him. But you know, what's wrong with saying? Hey, I didn't have a dad growing up. And I'm empowered by the president of the United States of America. If he were saying that to Barack Obama the same people who are blasting him calling him names one say that right? No. They would not. And that's all he was saying you're my super you must remain. You're my hero. Now, we have let's let's play this clip here. Let's play. This is a good one here. The president away. Or is it now? Well, let's let's do this. This is Connie given a hug to Trump. And this is this also freaks them out here. They can't stand this. Marsh standpoint, this was just set up to be a lunch. Two people that I like. And we're gonna have lunch. We're going to talk just love. I don't wanna put you in.

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