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Of Nash bridges. Golden, Globes, Jeremy seat, fills next to Melanie, Griffith. Don Johnson's in the bathroom food poisoning, Jeremy ends up going to the governor's ball with Mel. Now he calls her male, you know why he became a socio producer the next to following week. These stories where you go, Bruce Willis was a bartender, and then he, like he said. Come out to the coast, have a few laughs while he was making a drink. And someone was like, say that again, but now say it in an air vent. Okay. No, the moonlighting for eight years and then some Seagram's Goldwyn schoolers. But I see you in an air vent baby saying that we, you know, Hollywood is high stakes, crazy stories. Do that asked him to play our Monica and stabbed him and his face so that the guy might have been. Might have been, and then someone made the joke would just enrolled that the guy was like, yeah, nice. Try rookie seat filler, hilarious Fiqh as Justin is like. Yeah, yeah, nice. And we were laughing about that, but here's, here's what I, I swear. It's rare that I genuinely believe the crazier more art bell thing. I, I, I don't think that any of that stuff explains. I don't. I don't believe that he was a seat filler, explains the thing. I think that he may or may not have technically been one, but more importantly, he was part of a fucking crazy lake. Weird thing that ten years from now there'll be a Netflix documentary of not just about him. We'll be like the seat Steeler. It'll be called like seat Steelers, like it'll be about the fact that there's like five or six people that know the guy and then then everyone every every award show. There's always like a big thing where like there's sixty people onstage. I always go up for that. This thing where they had all the Star Trek people come out and they're just talking about Star Trek for like what seemed like like star dates. And and I was just thinking like, yeah, that could have just wandered up. There stood next to lavar Burton and Bentley. What an art that would be, but not if you did it once. But if you did it twenty times over twenty years, I just it just decided like I'm going to do it telling get caught. And if I get caught, then I'm going to see what I can deal request all the footage piece something together. Just it's like leg like this is art or something. He just had this look on his face. I look back and I'm like, we met a gremlin. We met a unicorn. We brushed like with some like like like something real, something mythical. I wish you would try this shit at the b. t. awards. I mean, what if what, if he did. On the show, and he was like, yeah, nice like roll a clip. And I was like all the more like of course, there's like one way to they're like little navy, blue coat, like of course. Just makes sense to everybody's Zelic thing would be. Yeah, I, he, that guy. Boy. He did not want to stop filling that seat..

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