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Job, it's on to the next to stay ahead of the trade. You need tools that do the same flex power tools, deliver the next generation of power and work as hard as the people holding them. Whatever the next job calls for, she'll be more than ready. Flax. This was next available exclusively at loads. Now through December. 31st 2021 purchase any flex 24 volt power tool Battery charger and receive a limited lifetime warranty registration. Is it flex power tools dot com and check out the full flex lineup places available exclusively in those versus national home centers reflects 24 FT. 6 48 is a time here in Houston's Morning news, All right, You've heard me talk about runners warehouse and these are not the only people by the way who can act as the landlord for you. There are other companies that do it. But renters warehouse is only when I'm aware of that will give you up to one year's worth of your rent right upfront. Yep. Just laying on Lay it out on you. There you go. Whole year's worth. You may want to find out about that one. Not one month, not six months of full year. They will find a great tenant for your home that will treat that home like it belongs to them. That's good. You want that home? Well taken care of. They will take care of any problems. The hiccups along the way, and he any D C breaks down. They'll take care of getting it fixed on your behalf. Although they'll deal with the tenant will collect the rental generate the paperwork. They'll do all the things that are not much fun. The only thing that's fun about being a landlord is collecting the rent. That you still get, and we'll do that for a low monthly fee. 7132 to 4 Rent is the phone number renders warehouse, Houston 7132 to 4 rent or go to renters warehouse dot com. Permanent lists carry in the state of Texas has passed. It goes into effect. September 1st. Everything you need to know is available at legally carry dot com. Know your rights? No, the law know what you can do and what? You can't know how the changes affect you. Let's be responsible gun owners. We're not thugs or Democrats, but I repeat myself legally carry.

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