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Along with Tom Cadran, and Jimmy Sexton. These are the three probably most powerful football agents in the world. They represent all the big names. Well, bento grinned. Jimmy Sexton can't stand each other business partners, gone. Yes. Gone. Aca dober- ended up getting fired from CA back in two thousand fifteen or two thousand sixteen four 'cause basically because he's a big jerk is what I've gotten out of the court documents and everything just talks bad, the people and customs out goodness. Well, they fired him and in the arbitration because he sued them for money that they own him in the arbitration, it was found out that Jimmy Sexton, informed, NFL player, Dante Fowler junior and his father that no grow Beuys drugs, which was the supposed cause for his termination at CA. So basically Jimmy Sexton got fired from Seattle. Yes now Fowler. Dante Fowler was being recruited by dobra, but ended up signing with Sexton. Oh, don't they Delo crossing there? Don't they submitted a declaration in arbitration, affirming that Sexton said, though, grow was on drugs and Doug refused to go to counselling. Now, Sexton assistant, testified, that none of that was ever uttered dunker made a claim for defamation in arbitration based on Sexton's alligators away statements as well as, as notification CAA's sent the NFL players NFL league players association notice of his firing, and why he was being fired in the NFL PA ended, though, Grice contract. He was not allowed to represent NFL players. Yes. So from two thousand sixteen to last year two thousand eighteen he's not been able to represent players. He finally got his certification back and all this NCAA's ended up half the pay him quite a bit of money for either legally firing. Funny thing you'll never guess who Jimmy Sexton, eight or who Jimmy Sexton represents. Adama conga, sue. Oh has represented him since the day he was drafted. So this sounds like it's a little personal could have been a coup, going on there, y'all. You'll never guess who else? Jimmy Sexton represents my Gavin's on the Panthers. Cam Newton, I don't know this up thinking, Don, Terry po-. Yeah. So that'll be interesting. But I wonder how much how personal against clearly between Ben Dogra, Jimmy Sexton, probably very personal. But how much of that extends down to the players dole though? I would imagine quite a bit though, because these guys have pew report was saying, they do a lot of dealings with the media about their players in there with the coaches they talked to ownership. I mean they're pretty integral part of these players lives. Jimmy Sexton is one of the most powerful people in sports. He was ranked twenty eighth. Most powerful person in sports worldwide. I think it was Forbes that did that or can't remember but the players have an allegiance to their agents to where would impact how they treated their co workers in the locker room. I don't know it's going to be interesting to see I'm going to keep an eye on PO in McCoy's relationship and see what goes on there with Jimmy Sexton is I was saying, he's very powerful. He is the agent of new GM for the jets. He's the. Agent for the head coach of the jets Adam gays. He's the agent of the quarterback Sam darnold there. That's going to be very interesting this year. I don't know if I've ever seen in agent have that much control over and organization. What are they gonna do win? Same contractors. He's going to have to deal. That's a conflict of interest with the genome who is also a clone right to get a raise for your other. Client strange jets are shit show. Right. Used to say that GM will still be there. Or the had coats Rick Stroud had a great article, I'm gonna say that this is Tampa Bay times. It'd be right for the Tampa Bay time crap on him a lot. We had a great article that he did with Bruce Arians. I almost did it. They a lot of the organization sat down as pew report in fanned. It. Yeah. So if you get a chance to listen to any of those, I would recommend that I've listened to the Peter report one read, Rick Stroud article, I haven't listened to the bucks fan one. I really love be a the way he answers questions. He doesn't give a bunch of PS. He's doing coke speak in. Always seem to be able to get something from his from us reading books and follow him at Arizona and doing all the work we've done just trying to find out as much as we can. I feel like I really know Bruce Arians alive. But every time I hearing given interview I always find something out. It's really fascinating. Rick Stroud did ask him. Some really good questions and be gave him some really getting answers. They asked him about who really stood out in training camp that we've heard him praise roge- Joe. We've heard praise V8.'s three we've heard him praise of people. This is the first time I heard him say this. Here's what he said, quote, I'll tell you the guy that probably did better than anybody is drummer. Oh, please. But. Demar dotson? I love to hear this. I know he said I mean he's competed harder. He's a pleasant pleasant surprise, you know, a couple of the rookies, one of them tried to bull rushing. Which we don't we can't do which we don't do. And he just put him on the ground is don't try that anymore. I loved it. I said, okay. Not saying they're in quote, that was great. But it gave me real pause. And I even like talk to Molly about this. I said, did he say what I think he said there? He says that one of them tried to bull rush. Tamar dotson. And then he says, which we don't do was Bruce Arians sane. We don't bo- Roche now. I don't think there's any way because that's Vida ensues bread. Butters gashing now I think it's just that you don't do it in practice right now. I don't know. I don't know, gave me pause Kibo rush with the offensive line. Maybe it says they can't have contact right now there. Supposed to MTA's might be. Yeah. And it might be that he was saying, just saying it from damore, Dotson view. You know, we don't do the do that to me. I don't know. It's hard to tell in context with writing and what was actually being. I just can't see him telling Vida that you can't bowl because that got bullrushes like nobody. I didn't get that. When I read that that's not when I got out of it. When he was asked about the interceptions Bruce Arians, quote, I don't know if we've thrown one of those maybe but when you start putting trying together it's touchdown. Check down. Okay. Where are my check downs if we're going from deep the short? Whereas my intermediate the top of the triangle to the check down. So it's learning where these guys are coming from the Bill that triangle oh, there he is over there. The more repetition, the more you get it in quote. Trying God don't either maybe he's. That's what they referred to it in this system. And it's like you've got two guys on outside edge, and one of the slot and no matter where they are. They're gonna make a triangle. Yes. I'm very interested to look at the game film and see if I can figure out what this triangle scheme is one thing. I've been wanting to do is go through off his previous offense coordinator, and head coaching gigs, and kind of plot out how he gets the receivers gone because we read his book, he kind of lays it pretty out there. Good. Can't. And it's almost like a ladder thing from what I've watched it seems like he's always got a guy running close to the land scrimmage short round. He's got a guy running the three to five yards out and he's got a guy going about ten yards out, and then he's got a guy going deep, you know. So I, I wanna see how this triangle thing plays out because it appears to be a pretty big thing in the off fence. So I'm going to see what he's talking about there. He mentioned it in his book nuts. A new wrinkle, this triangle thing, maybe it says new terminology that they've developed in this system for maybe Jameson or a holdover from cutter, I don't know, would be was asked if he needed more veteran presence on the team. He said, quote, we're young and not afraid of it, which is funny because he doesn't really like the young guys reminds me of running younger. Yeah. He says, we tried to get a veteran safety, but I'm not sure now he would've made our team. He was smart and would have gotten everybody lined up. But what the guys were. Seeing out there right now. He can't run anymore. So you're kind of in this catch twenty two I got this old smart guy who's lining everybody up, but he can't cover. So yet Todd Bowles is going to put him in position to be competitive in quip, who is he talking about there? I don't know asked where I think he's talking about hundred badger. That was my first love because I said when we first got areas I was all excited because I'm like, oh, Honey badgers? Definitely coming with him JC, Cornell tweeted today that we never had any intention of signing Tyra, Matthew they wanted him, but they couldn't afford him. Maybe it wasn't him. But, but then he says he was smart, what have gotten lined up, everybody lined up. But with the guys were seen out there right now. He can't run anymore like he's on the team. I think it's I think he's saying that he couldn't run as fast as the guys that we have. Now that's what I got from it. Because just blazing fast. Yeah. And whoever this is he's talking about. He's apparently doesn't have speed anymore. When? I was asked about, what does he think of your kicking competition, tween gay in Cairo Santa? He said, quote, we need to get some higher nets. Or gay is going to knock a window out in the building his head. Yeah. And car has been strong and steady in his range, but that gay kid, he's got some legs with him. And he's been very consistent. You never know until the bullets fly in quote, yes, was, like he's how, yeah. That's thought it was funny. So he's going not so windows in the building. Got it stuck in the rafters at. Well when we went to training camp last year Ryan anger punted to the ceiling. I kick to the first everybody was cheering monitor kept going in, and we were all probably did and everybody applauding. I don't remember so that's where interesting, a lot of good stuff just from that little interview, and Rick Stroud did a good job with the article he didn't crappo and be a or anything probably say that for his next article it was. But I think mostly because it had no interpretation just question. Answer, though. Opinions are talking heads in that one. But, you know, we talk a lot about how great team and we're biased. I think a lot of we're out in the hype train every preseason. We are all training but I'm the conductor. And I'm really am excited about I haven't been this excited about a coach probably ever. Maybe Jon Gruden and I'm really excited about our team. We've got some really good players and we've got some good weapons Mike Evans. Of course, it's just again second best receiver in NFL, but saying all that, there are things that could go wrong in. There are things that we that unscarred. You know, one Donald snus you know, if he doesn't step up as played to his contract numbers, you can be a disaster this year. Especially down a one Alana guys do once I get paid. You know they drafted it down a little bit. He he can't afford to ratchet it down any now and I think he talked about it in his press conference and said was the amount that we're paying him. He's starting basically. I mean he made it known that the contract member. What they're paying him is an issue, I'll take it was ridiculous that they paid him that much money if he listens to, as you know, it's not that, okay. I wanna clarify he didn't say it was an issue like they regretted pain him, that might, but it's for him to bring it up in a press conference after it's done deal. It's fresh in their mind. I think that they expect a lot of him because of it the Shula. They absolutely shunned demar Dotson ain't making a fifth when Donald Smith is making over on the other side Dodson's better player. And been playing longer. He's been with the St. one eleven years, okay? I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say James has been pretty successful. Despite despite this. He's better on the run. Our run game has suffered for it. So there could be something to be said for that, that, if they don't get run game off the ground odd as word Smith, going to slack off and getting James Winston hurt or something. I don't think they're gonna let him do that..

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