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Dan Patrick dot com purchased not heard from Jeff Darlington Polly placed a bet with Jeff Darlington Jeff did Jeff Darlington except your bath I made the bat to both Adam Schefter Jeff Johnson and actually the entire get up staff because I replied all week I don't know to doing okay of any of the above would like to take it and you're saying that Tom Brady goes back to New England based off nothing just I think it's a good bet it's a good value to get the prob pagers and that that make love in what's Vegas have his own odds these are from action at work they sent me an article the updated the pictures are minus three hundred thirty three so then the next one's tighten seven hundred plus seven hundred raiders plus thousand dolphins plus fifteen hundred charges plus eighteen hundred I'm surprised charge right what are the dolphins still in there I've not well you know there are the coach Brian Flores the former patriots coaches don't want they're not ready the cowboys plus two thousand Bucks plus twenty five hundred the giants plus twenty five hundred the colts plus twenty eight hundred and the Panthers plus four thousand why would the colts below like the cowboys that's crazy right unless they have already settled on Philip rivers what are the odds of where Philip rivers and can end up and give me a moment all right I mean yes Paul have the odds changed since this morning starling revelations is that hit Vegas shatter this Leslie okay the biggest ever sleeps well it's such as Darlington hundred I mean you're always trying to build up the hype here this this is Deontay Wilder and Tyson fury that's a really nice guy actually gray hair by the way he does he has to be on the first team all here cults minus one fifty five for reverse box plus three hundred raiders plus seven fifty no team retired plus a thousand Titans fifteen hundred bears nineteen hundred you know he's a he's a if he's gone he's going to go to the colts there I go back to what I told you at the Superbowl the source said he was you know look for the cold so I'm not surprised with that the Brady stuff first what let's get rid of the New York Giants stuff here's Joe judge who I think spent eight years as an assistant coach in New England a special teams coach he's now the new head coach of the New York Giants and he had this back and forth with the reporter yesterday everyone of our players gonna come here with a blank slate be able to compete in the ground up from day one and I'm not gonna stab us any kind of status or hierarchy with an individual player position groups by spending a month talking about individuals that's important and I want you guys understand my reasons for that I can't tell what they've gotten equal slate and they shop on April seventh and I spent a month talking about a specific player okay everyone's got the same opportunity on a daily basis to compete our depth charts on the board right there right now no one's got a spot okay that's why everybody ran with this instead okay with Joe judge used to be in New England there for maybe once Tom Brady it it this is just the beginning of philosophy that he has that he got from bill Belichick there's no opening at running back sick one Barkley is it so for everybody who goes well left it open there for maybe bringing in Tom Brady they left it open then for bringing in a running back apparently for say kwon Barkley it just you make this universal gone braless statement it doesn't this doesn't mean that they're interested in Tom Brady I mean I mean maybe they're interested if I'm Tom Brady why would I go to the giants they're not winning Tom can get paid the only reason why you leave New England is if somebody gives you a three year deal because if you can.

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