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UPI yokai yea is by bear and the bird is the best way I guess go get a birds in the camera to be twenty four hour traffic center I'm a complete after the third and the CVS three eyewitness weather forecast now here's Tiffany Simona reports sponsored by septa look for a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon and it will be a chilly and breezy day highs around forty two degrees but you will want to dress for wind chills in the thirties all afternoon mainly clear and cold tonight we got to twenty eight degrees by Thursday morning mostly sunny Thursday afternoon highs around forty eight clouds will increase and thicken Thursday night before rain pushes in early Friday morning periods of rain look likely on Friday but at least it will be mild with highs around fifty two body in thirty seven now some light flurries around heading to forty two the life of a Philly sports fan is a wild ride some years we try some years we trust would never changes year after year is how we get to the game shoulder to shoulder with our fellow fans on Saturday get your rights started I set the Philly dot com back to you three four times a day depend on KYW newsradio eleven forty five year three things to know mayor Kenny uses a pocket veto against six bills passed by city council including two targeting tax relief and zoning restrictions the newly appointed Philadelphia police commissioner says her top goal is reducing violent crime recapping our top story the one hundred twentieth mummers parade continues it struck along Broad Street with string band performances on tap all ahead in the next fifteen minutes on KYW good morning I mean bush with Dan mica at the editor's desk as the mummers continues strutting down Broad Street performances inside the Pennsylvania convention center just under way the fancy brigade finality in its twenty third year twelve clubs are taking part this time around each gets four and a half minutes to wow.

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