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Of the other things that i thought we might like to talk about this morning is about your vegetable garden now i had some calls last week and evidently the tomato plants are out there at your local nurseries and garden supply stores and that type of thing and the the idea is that if you plant anything like the eggplant the bell peppers were water hot peppers called peppers and in anything in between and tomatoes if it's if you have to wear a all a sweater or warm a piece of garments uh before you get outside or as we go outside it's too cold to plunger tomato plants that so simple if it's nice in haunt new could go take your shirt off and an plant things like that then you're in good shape you compliance your tomato plans the crown has got to be warm before you get these kind of plants into the ground 'cause they're warm weather plans you could get by by planning years zhu keeney now but it's not going to produce very much and it's going to go into shock because uh from there your nice warm seedbeds to the garden cold soil you might just wanna be you know whatever so get out there now what you can plan of you'd like to would be carrots and beats in that type root crops and they would come up and grow a because they can grow and cool weather it might be a good time to plant spinach because it is cool and it looks like we're get by with spinach for a while before turns into a flower and grows of that way so it's one of those things that you have to really.

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