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Hitting a spots in a guy could move the ball hit a spots, is going to win and Washington's on their heels a bit and it fifty nine pitches and he's owning the NATs Mickey takes him out of a close game for a pinch. Hitter with guys, base and the pinch hitter is Dominic Smith so I ask what, are we accomplishing by, taking out, a pitcher who's doing great even if we lose As the. Game don't. You want to see give this guy confidence let maybe pitches nine today and. He. Goes into the break going I pitched. Nine innings against maybe, and I didn't have a big problem with this move, but, I know some callers yesterday talked about it. Maybe thinking you know what let's. Get him some confidence get. Them the heck out. Of there we expect this, success through five innings regardless of the pitch count you know how fragile. Maybe, these young guys are the expectations, from it's not like he's been billed as Syndergaard or degrom whatever and you get five solid innings of them to. Me I didn't have a big issue with Callaway, trying to preemptively get him out on a good note as. Opposed to leaving him in. For the, six or seven then and getting beat up, a little bit I disagree I wanna see, let him the proof, to. Him how well he's done when you take him out it is mindset, city says his mindset would be they didn't have confidence. Me to pitch more and again as every ballplayer if ever met said it's really not all pitch count it's about how. You throw in, that day some days fifty pitches feel like you're pushing a truck, uphill and some days Hundred and twenty feel like you could go. One forty he was throwing easy he was, throwing, smart he wasn't laboring he wasn't taking deep breaths let this guy. Pitch seven or eight and then he'll feel great about himself because there's nothing to lose, you know here's the thing so you know you. Don't want, to go to? The bullpen right I mean, you know if you're Mickey Callaway you. Wanna do everything you can if you, have to put in one. Guy like, Lugo orga Salman that would be it but you never want to go to the bullpen and the sex because, you. Know there's no one, to count on right yeah right. Well exactly the last thing you want to do is go to the bullpen and he went there early I get that this sounds like they're gonna bring him back to at least start two thousand nineteen. Regardless of. Who the new GM is you think that's the right move would you. Look to make a change, I think you. Bring in the new GM and he gets to choose he gets to look. It over, and you know it works in radio, in any business the new manager, gets to choose the employees the new guy. Who who. Runs the team at this point here's here's the other biggest thing Why can't he, fix Jerry Blevins how come Ron darling, on TV can show me in slow motion see Jerry's getting on. Side of, that curve ball. That's why it's, not dropping down he's got to get on, top? Of it, to get, the bite he usually has if Ronnie darling can see that in the booth how come we can't fix Jerry Blevins one of the biggest holes, outside of this fact that swertz AC who was brought in to be that innings eater is awful is not what, he? Was, okay. Maybe, full. G he doesn't have it but why can't Blevins pitch why can't you fix it if he's. Not hurt yeah. I mean look sometimes tomatoes about the player but if darlings pointing something out I. I would hope that Calloway and Ireland. Have seen the same thing I? Know you're working we just had Wally? Backman on a little while ago and I I've always loved Wally Wally. Yeah I think he's going to be a great, man I think he is a great. Manager but if given a second opportunity to, really be a great big league manageable we're just talking about. This, during the break with Jeff That style of manager is kind of, obsolete in, today's game old school guy going to. Get on players not gonna really. Be enough that he's not going to work together with the front. Office but may. Have different philosophies and now the front office wants, to control these managers would you think..

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