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Sixteen new covert nineteen cases up from over one hundred the previous day and twelve new deaths up from six on Friday Santa Monica beach is open from Memorial Day weekend but there are some restrictions correspondent Paul vercammen reports forty million dollars loss alone in Santa Monica there been layoffs it's only a city of ninety thousand so far different picture here what they want to see what they want to be safe in Santa Monica is this beach filled with people more a weekend but you cannot cluster up on the beach there saying the beach is only for recreational purposes and with all of that money lost in Santa Monica the city council will vote Tuesday whether to allocate six point four million dollars in funding the programs of with otherwise be on the chopping block as the city seeks to bridge a two hundred twenty four million dollar budget deficit with its tax revenues cratering because of the corona virus shut down recession the city is in the process of laying off for buying out nearly four hundred employees and cutting eighty six point two million dollars an ongoing spending K. A. B. C. socal weather sunny for the rest of the afternoon with highs in the upper sixties to mid seventies Torrance says seventy two degrees Pasadena and downtown of seventy three we're monitoring developments in the corona virus pandemic twenty four seven to keep you informed I'm Steve coming talk radio seven ninety KABC and now a look at K. A. B. C. traffic KBC dependable traffic right now on the five southbound right at fourth street you have an accident lanes expect delays in and around the east LA interchange also is all right right now on the one one southbound heading to downtown LA between Melrose and Glendale Boulevard and it's all right as well heading to downtown Los Angeles on the one ten north bound traffic heavy as from a gauge up to Adams Boulevard that's dependable traffic hi Mike Morris Sam seven ninety KABC you're listening to the mortgage radio show show that informs you in a variety of mortgage products offered along with the newest.

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