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That is saying to him and has been saying for many many years that it is deeply troubling for him to get involved with a non believer of somebody who doesn't understand the culture of your church and your family and your spiritual community and believes in other words he comes by that honestly but the time is now to act on this you don't verbalize nonbeliever but it's my sense that the feeling between the two of you and certainly the opinion of your boyfriend said he has his christian church he has his faith and so it's something and you're ignace tick and so that's nothing but what i'm suggesting is that's not true what steve suggestions well both of us being agnostic bows of us have not just great respect for the religious traditions but actually have learned from them many of my own values are absolutely informed by the teachings of any number of spiritual leaders jesus christ included and i feel very strongly about my ethics and my values and my moral core and i would expect any one who i was intimate with who had his own faith to be really curious about what i think in and believe in and it isn't an absence if it doesn't happen to be that those beliefs and those values don't happen to be channelled into a traditional religion or a turt or a particular god so think about it this way it is an absence it's a presence you have.

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