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And then I felt like there was a part where I had a press pause and go. I need to go out my friend because now I'm into motion will state and I need a break from it. And I was as opposed to watching a comedy show before going out with my friends and being in a good mood because of it. And I felt that like. You know, it's hard to call it something else besides a comedy special because it's so much the the set up is a comedy special. So I if you called it something else, I don't know what that would be called, but I do think I enjoyed it, but I wish I was a little bit of a stipulation from the type of trailers. And I've seen four. I mean, I because as far as I know, I don't think they were saying it was specifically comedy special. They definitely said Hannah Gadsby comedian in a lot of the, yeah, but I think with a lot of the way it was marketed 'cause it very is is hard to put a pin on exactly what this is because it's definitely one person show style because it does open it up to not just stand up comedy, but there's certainly a lot of that style in there, but it it does kind of move in a way that just really it is. There are a lot of gut punches for lack of better term. So I know there was a Joe. There was some like there was something that you you. It seemed like you might he wanted to jump in on something. Do you. Sorry, we're, we're using check. Service to like the viewer to say that it's not a comedy special seems to have missed the entire point of the stand up, which is her reflecting on her time as a comedian in the format in which she has operated in for decades. Kind of ignores her whole purpose with a standup. So sits bad with me since fab with native say that just because that's her whole thing. And it's, it's like the her entire career kind of like as it was to now culminating to this moment of like really. And I think she does do a really good job of setting up what it's going to be, and it has its moments of levity. But I think with even within like a third of the way through, you can tell where it's going to go. So like if it's not your thing, I think it's one of those things where you just have to go. I'm not going to watch this because I want something that's gonna make me laugh and not something that's serious, but it is still a comedy stand like, she's, she wrote it that way. She sprinkles levity throughout it, but also it. I think to say that comedy only has to be something that's like purely funny and doesn't deal with any serious material. Makes its entire ability to change and create something new within its own format. Limited. Yeah. I could definitely see your point. I mean, I I've definitely gone on record saying things that a lot of comedy shows that are awful word on comedy shows. I don't think transparent is a comedy show. I don't think you know, I didn't think get out with a comedy. I think that for me as a filmmaker. I look at John Russia's, and then when I have a John, I'm watching it for a reason. So I totally understand your perspective on it, and I totally understand her mental her the way she does comedy and the point of an it, miss the point of the special. I understood the point of the special with to simply for me marketing wise and advertising wise. When I'm putting out a product when I when I wanna see a product, the advertising for didn't. Match what I watch, which could be a problem in the PR marketing could be a problem in him. I mean, there's so many different feel this many different positions that can be a problem with..

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