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So hopefully doesn't hear this. You might wanna fight me but always skill guy fight for the nickname. He's got the nasty. And i get the bees nasty ya all. He wasn't. He told me that he wasn't too happy stolas name. He told me that once. It is nice seeing often rowdy snow. We all get soft. Mike rupp get signed. You guys must have been an absolute disbelief in the room. I any guy come down to play in. Danbury you guys. Y'all actually. He wasn't the first. Nhl guy we've picked up happened. I met stephen pete fighting them so we became good friends and i broke my leg. They reach out this Pedia- -pedia pd came. In the danbury. Stay with sarah. My wife and i and lived with us for bitten on state about a month or whatever he ended up taking off without saying anything. So that's a kind of maybe took a little bit Month a paycheck and then disappear. I'm scared about that. 'cause i bought stephen peden and i went to jimmy. I'm like fuck you want me to go back to vancouver find the skyros. He's like laughed. Ivy winger. I'll pay ten ground to see the character of a man any day like all right flock so we have stephen pete. That year came in and then robert came in. He was robertson. Austin die rocking awesome. you know. he's no such unit. That's a big a business or he cut me open. He was losing minnesota. Bugsy malone he was toughest shit flock. He's normal. I can't even tell tall. Is i gotta get a step stool. Stretch armstrong arms to big. You got your distance and a bridge or in the face and a good player to like decent solid player and member. one night. I was out with a broken leg but he acts actually knocked out cold with a clean track. Data street. get off the ice. The body bag game own. Danbury a fucking out of this guy off and he never you know muscle in the sky twitch while he was gonna cut it off. I was like fuck. That was hard hit on. Aj was on a call that section twelve fucked it up as the the the r&b. He wasn't happy. So i think he's gonna put one right between my fucking is but what i was going to say. No oh gosh. I did what you did. The real i want to ask you. ahl career. I know you had a handful of games. Did score one goal. Take through that when the same the massacre night so i was able you know how many fights can you guys get an american hockey league game boo. That's why you took your shirt off and celebration and you fought with. It's still off. Can you get in pro hockey. Gave me guys three. I thought you're on third one. You're gone fuck. You guys had four that night or on. The ice had time to score the game winning goal as still had enough time to hit the bar after getting upset for one. Haven't night for yourself. You try to kill these day stabber guy. I try to stop a guy with the skate and try to chop a guy's head off with your stack yet. The grossest thing you've ever done in hockey with show your nipples off to the world's first grand penguins terrible tattoo fuck in. That's parse parse has the the sun that the tribal son. I guess we could just roast them now with you. Throw it around the horn here. Well i like to throw a jab parks do for sure nice tattoo arse fire. Y'all i'm curious. Got all these leagues in the nineties. Like w. h. l. the wchs. I'll be i sa. What kind of dough you guys making during this time. Now fuck. i remember starting out When i was twenty or twenty one it was like four hundred bucks a week. Cover your apartment in all your per diem on your preeminence shed on the shoe to rouse low. The bridges in the dressing room. So you're right biz. You know at a yeah so not mocks rate. That's not much when you're starting out through. It was four hundred bucks a week. Are you guys getting dinners and stuff. They'll get restaurants settle hook it up at fifty percent off. You got a card their team card there in the pocket five or six wrestles a lot of times. You go to those restaurants some fan. Random founders picking up a bill so you get that perks and someone like corpus christi man fucking places prematurely on the beach awesome. I was going to ask you. You were there for four four years so you must have loved it there. They loved you. Those who your best seasons ye-ye-yeah awesome list to play hockey. I was married there on my wife's canadian from my hometown. But we got married down there Who doesn't like average year round temperature seventy degrees and three golf courses. The ball out for free. I imagine the pick. I know when things went downhill for jimmy. How you the tax off and you play at people on the payroll and working for the garbage company now. That was there ever any follow with the players because they weren't involved intentionally but it did any plays ever get hung up for that shit even though the guy got a fucking got a bill from the irs of sought my can't remember can hopefully the statute of limitations. But we ended this out. Maybe you need to do that. But as you know in canada social insurance number in states and social security number so pretty sure. I burnt my social security number that was way after the When this thing ended i was getting a fuck out danbury. I know they started hitting some the players. Pretty hard. The fbi question. I think jackdaw might have been one of them. I don't know if i'm olga was in there but there's no fucking way in the fbi. Like i packed up my kid and my wife. We were gone the fuck out of there. I ain't saying shit no fbi. But listen. i'll tell you that. I hope they give you a little warning or was that. Just kind of like yeah. He came in. The room was on the front pages of paper. But jimmy played it off. Lake fucking. Let me worry about this. You guys variable plant hockey and everything's going to be fine. It's always going to be fine with them. Guys man the worry about it till it happens. They don't need to worry about that. Shit days anything you want shell as far as work wise or skating clinics shot you know for sure is all want send show tomorrow. Sunshine coast minor hockey association where the sunshine coast blues. I wanna say. Say all the players out there i want to say i had all my coaches managers Fellow board members. I'm the director hockey operations there. Among on the head coach so one of my jobs is not only coach. The players that i coached the coaches I gotta send a shout out. You guys have to have this guy on the show. Sometimes a real lawyer ryan hallway and chris shaw and this company right here new angle hockey development so you guys can search site up on facebook anyone. That's listening. search it up on instagram chris. Shah's remain guy there but the ryan hallway shadows my brothers saw. Hey you know. I played with ryan helwig. Yeah fucking great guy when you get on the show butler to him on the dance hughes because he was kid so right we serve playing national team stuff but he was in the whol the only guy we had from that he was great when we were younger. Fucker bowling ball a this. So brian He's a dual citizen. Yeah he's the first ever american to be drafted. I over on the western hockey hallway was drafted first overall. When we were young he was filthy. He was the guy when we're like. Was that four drafted in that league. Maybe fifteen or not. That'd be fifteen. Second year battle yet at bush out of the room today by.

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