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The third base near the corner looks fit and he will score joe cosmo ground ball down the third base toby joel's we'll score we are tied hey this is the amazing he kuzma with a double eight tie in the seven he will given the tigers tigers bases loaded for miller mario in pemba on fox sports detroit dan dickerson w x y t with those calls there was a reference to andrew miller third of inning three walks and of course is coming back off the disabled list in recent weeks terry francona talked about miller after the game i mean i didn't i didn't want to go to andrew till the you know with with the way the inning was calling with terrel felt like we'd better get him out there anatomy came in and gave up a couple of those hits tunnel down left align new like you lost very trying to find his arm slot you know scattered fastballs lesson break balls up i mean we knew he wouldn't be in midseason form you know it's easier to say that before the game you know but down deep we knew his pitch to be the andrew miller and he'll he'll get there it just you know on nights like this it hurts fenian bullpen so for this year a five point seven three era that is the worst in the majors the mets in the blue jays and noah syndergaard did it on the mound and at the plate one oh to syndergaard brooklyn bat looper down the right field line base hit that is going to get rocco to third into the corner hernandez coming up with the ball they're sending rocco and a poor throw pie hernandez griddles into the cutoff man and going to second with a double and are run batted anna's noah cinder.

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