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What is resentment like. How does it even built. You know it's so funny. We often look at these things. Expect these huge huge explanations. But i think resentment really just boils down to unexpressed anger or unexpressed frustration. Sometimes the frustration is there and the anger is there and sometimes we don't even recognize it and if we don't even recognize were harboring this thing. It's definitely unexpressed. it's unexpected verbally. But it comes out in so many different ways right just leaks out absolutely and you must feel it in your body like i mean how do clients explain resentment in their bodies or maybe brandon can weigh in after as well. Yeah i get different. Things from tightness in my chest knots in my stomach grinding. My t. a headaches all the time and checking just keep explaining. My resentment get continued falling asleep or staying asleep back right and just missing the body in general because you know when we hope anger. There's tension right. And so that can result in tightness in the body and once the resentment gets processed. Once we're able to discuss once we're able to find a resolution that physical kinship times to release itself not make sense tomb. It's this unexpressed anger frustration or dissatisfaction builds over time. You feel it in your body. How does it show up in relationships. There must be so many different ways that you see resentment. Come out whether it's in a very straightforward way or in all these kind of crawler ways that we may not even recognize as imminent south it can come through. Just you know in some women that i work with. The you know banging on pots pans. The popular hardy doing fine. You know sometimes that can show up you know in the bedroom right. Oftentimes went been used unresolved. People don't wanna be touched right. Get away from me. i'm not. I'm not into that but quite often people will come to me with you. Know they think that their issue is unique to them. But i hear these stories so often they play out like the same old tape where one partner will say. I'm always the one putting the kids to batam always on making the meals. I'm always the one doing some always wondering that you get to chill

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