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Murrow Award for best newscast Coming up, people hit hard by wildfires in western Washington on Charlie Harder. The governor talks about how they can get needed help. 10 30 controversial changes at the Postal Service that have slowed down the mail are being blocked by a federal judge in Yakima, Washington, who issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against the policy mandating trucks leave postal facilities on schedule. Whether there's more mail the load or not. The judge sided with 14 states challenging the change, with Judge Bastian, noting President Trump's attacks on mail in voting. Saying that the states have demonstrated that the changes are part of a quote, politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the postal Service. ABC is Mark Malard cultural issues on the president's mind. Campaigning in Mohseni, Wisconsin. He called for a ban on US flag burning, which is protected by the Supreme Court Administration also threatening to withhold some funds from Connecticut school districts that a follow state policy allowing transgender girls to compete as girls in high school sports. Commerce Department reported a surprising 5% drop in new housing starts in August after three months of gains. Richard CAn't SUE ABC News Cuomo News 1000 FM 97 7 Good evening I'm Kelly Bleyer with the top local stories from the Comb. 0 24 7 News Center governor Endsley admits Kobe cases are trending downward but no announcements yet on moving forward and faces to reopen. Has been several weeks since county has moved to a higher face. State health officials have set a goal of 25 cases per 100,000 in.

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