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Legion of volunteers on hand. They remind runners to make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Listen to your body about pain and keep moving. After you cross the finish line. Nancy Hardy NewsRadio 105.9 FM, You know Ali don't equate Illinois with earthquakes. However, If you remember 30 years ago, we all had earthquake drills because of the predicted big quake along the New Madrid fault in Missouri. That never happened. But state officials are encouraging your participation in earthquake drill on Thursday morning. Shake out aims to get millions of people in several states and countries involved. State officials say more than 50,000 residents have signed up in the past two weeks Now Illinois is not at the risk of the big one like people in California along the San Andreas fault, But there were earthquakes in Illinois in 2012 in 2010 in Kane County and 20 late in Wabash County. One person was killed three others wounded and a shooting yesterday in the West Garfield Park neighborhood before people were sitting in a vehicle in the 100 block of South Keeler Avenue about 6:50 P.m. one, according to Chicago police. All four people were shot. A 21 year old man was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A 34 year old man was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition, and police say a 17 year old girl and a 19 year old man were taken to Stroger Hospital in serious concern. Ishan, Roger Plummer. NewsRadio 105.9 FM $25,000 reward now being offered for information leading to those responsible for a shooting of a 10 year old girl in the back of the South Side Park last week. 10 Year old law Maya Sparks was playing with her sister in Russell Square Park in the South short neighborhood on the South side last Wednesday. When two teenage boys started shooting into the crowd. The fifth grader is still on the feeding tube after multiple surgeries stay informed on the latest UPDATES from double BBM While you're cleaning the kitchen teaching the kids were working from home. Just ask you're smart speaker to play doubly BBM news radio. Double the BBM news time 10 0 traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Byline Bank. And Here's Neo Fiorito. Few delays this morning rob that along the evenings that's fine in both directions. The inbound Kennedy Okay, too, and the out bonds out of the Kennedy moves well, that road work that was set up between Fullerton and Belmont has cleared So now you have a good ride out to the airport. Just a little slow approaching Harlem. That's about it. The Eisenhower Expressway inbound Good up on heavy before Harlem Stevenson Expressway is okay too back and forth between 3 55 in Lake Shore Drive. 55 through Will County Quiet So far, the Dan Ryan coming in heavy from Cermak to past Roosevelt, do the ongoing construction Thea Pond side of the Dan Ryan is light. So was I 57 to 1 for my 80 and the Bishop Ford Freeway looks good, too. And from 80 94 Lakeshore drive Good. So far all the tollway's air. Fine. So was I. 83 Joliet. Also decent this morning in northwest Indiana on 80, 94 65, the Indiana Toll Road and the Archer Heights neighborhood heavy traffic there Archer and Lawndale due to a crash from earlier this morning. The West Loop. The Lake Street bridge over the Chicago River closed for maintenance until six o'clock on Monday morning. Used Randolph or Washington know Sita trains are affected with this. If you do see something on your route this morning, give us a call The W BBM traffic tip line at 8557 80 Rhodey 557 87 6 to 3. Next traffic report. 10 18 NewsRadio 7 81 of five point out of a back here with the forecast for today, more clouds than sunshine. A high Today at 69 Tonight Mostly cloudy and mild alot of 59.

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