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The rightfielder gums panzano will make big game is over by dr hung up long it up of the governor of way autoways of fitting way for this game to forgive the giants the big part of it plug gotta give a lot of credit to the the coaching staff are putting together great scouting report they've been negative our care verde had a couple of balls over their shot to to go he had him but they'll really outstanding job i tire today he he really i kept a great offense from the tigers car quiet and you know really really kind of let that charge gave our offense the chance to get gawk filling in for rain which lead here's ryan koevoet on knbr six eighty yeah giants got out to a five nothing lead in detroit tonight paced by thai block six quality innings things came apart a little bit in in the seventh inning bullpen indumo whole heck of a lot of favors battle to mainly giants hang on for a five four win on her strickland a solid eighth inning allowing just the one hit and ended up getting uh the big strikeout to and the eighth and then sam dyson goes one two three in the ninth goma buoyed bill laskey on the line right now it was just over at nbc sports bay area now he's on sports phone six eighty bill what about the how you doing right equipment for big raided night feeling lazard airplane hurt the obama throats kilemi mammal under the weather but it's alright nobody cares about my problems thai blog i near gebert volume of taibe locked tonight a pitch into contact bill in thrown strikes trust in his defence behind him and they gave him plenty of reason to be trustworthy tonight mean wang by my count at eight put out at third base tonight a pence a couple of big catches tell the tomlinson couple of nice plays as well great defense all the way around and what you think about the starter block today while euroarea scattered three here to securing review serraller i thought holy after the first thirty saarc good changeup and he started years and more changeups to begin lick hopes yet seventeen i did strike started twenty four hitters airolo seventeen other tenable morse work changeups he got the ball down at you here's the control had.

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