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Whole lot of that main is beautiful. Rhetoric is just like hey get more people to come up and obviously I'm sponsored by the Board of Tourism here today but it really is. I mean it is a beautiful state and I've been as far north actually as Bangor which that's That's the only as far north as I've been I've traveled around the world and I've never been further north and Bangor because I've seen trees. Yeah I know. It was a different Community like I didn't when we were headed north from Actually I was visiting a girlfriend at the time in New Hampshire. This was a long time ago. We actually ended up going up through Freeport in to Bangor in. I was like on the way there. I didn't think I thought she was taking me out into the woods to like murder me or something. Where the faulk are we going because it is out there? You don't even need shallow grapes or you can just throw them in the woods. Ask You weren't hitting in the water. You know like the Ocean I think. A lot of people get misconception. The oceans cold. Oh yes there. Oh yeah if it reaches like sixty five sixty six in the summer it's It's nice and you know I'll be. I hate the Cold Water. Eight the sand You know I have a pool. I A beautiful pool at my house. So I haven't been to the shore aside from driving by or to get something to eat quite a long time I really somewhere else I. It was a nice place to grow up. I suppose although I feel like the world that I saw on television was not my world it was a different world and you know low crime Not a lot of diversity which was too bad growing up But you know I could move somewhere else would be somewhere. That's warm all year. That has more cultural options. I I sometimes feel like we are the deep south of New England when it comes to open mindedness and You know just being welcoming and in that it's frustrating but you know it is what it is. Nobody's holding a gun democrat. Debbie here My wife and I decided we'll be here till at least after my son graduates high school. And then we'll have those discussions which probably just be. Mostly me begging leave and we please go south on. Yeah yeah well that they say is that In our relationship we've agreed that I will make all the decisions that my wife won't make the rest and there just hasn't been any important decisions yet. Your turn will come. I hope so so you said you traveled. You've traveled around the world yet. Where have you gone and why have you gone around the world? Well I I notice is video but for the for the listeners you can. We can actually see each other doing this if you see this map behind me that a pointing at you see those open spots. No yeah that's like a giant lottery ticket where you can scratch where you've been so I've been I've been to forty seven of the fifty states. I just I just need Colorado Utah and Alaska and then I've been all through Europe. I lived in Japan for six months sauce. Some other countries over there so yeah I feel like I've seen the world I I haven't been outside of the US in nearly twenty years now and have no real interest to go elsewhere. I I love long road trips around our country it's There's so much to see so many different things so many different kinds of people that you don't have to go to Europe or Asia to experience different cultures different landscapes. We really have it all here and I love to Dri- by hate airplanes the opposite I can't nations get at that set. You know. There's a zen mode have after about three hours. Just resign yourself that you're driving. It's like being in a waiting room and.

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