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I'm vanessa richardson roy welcome to historical figures every other wednesday we discuss a different persons lasting historical impact personality and impression on the world around them are audio biographies covered big lives but we like to focus on little known facts and today we'll be taking a closer look at the life and untimely death of anwar al sadat whose political career diplomacy and visionary efforts to attain peace in the arab world change the course of history if you wanna listen to any previous episodes you can find them on your favorite podcast directory and while you're there we'd really appreciate if you could leave a five star review now back to the life of anwar all sadat also dot was born on december twenty fifth nineteen eighteen about forty miles outside of cairo egypt he was raised in a town called meet abu coom near the nile delta it was a time of great political upheaval for egypt and it's felt oh arab nations including syria this political landscape came to shape every aspect of sadat's life starting as a small child it's important to understand the historical context of sadat's childhood in order to understand how his belief system developed evolved over time and the ways in which he grew into a political visionary british forces i took control of egypt after their troops defeated the egyptian army in eighteen eighty two in the anglo egyptian war the story ends debate the initial cause but one popular argument is that britain sent troops in to protect the suez canal bridge written feared that their access to this canal which provided an easier trade route was threatened during a time of political upheaval in egypt some historians believed that the british attacked egypt to quell this upheaval and maintain control of the canal this attack led to the beginning of the decadeslong british occupation of egypt during this time britain sought to stabilize the economy and government britain remained an influential presence in egypt for decades unfortunately while they're imposed reforms benefited both the upper and middle classes of egypt they left the poor even poorer tensions escalated with growing nationalism and anti colonial sentiments spreading through the working classes of egypt these nationalist sentiments turned to violent uprisings and in nineteen twenty two britain officially declared the independence of egypt despite this success however british forces continued to occupy egypt for decades britain installed a corrupt monarchy in egypt and they continued to play a heavy role in manipulating and controlling the government and the economy it was into this british occupied egypt that anwar all sadat was born he lived with his parents anwar mohammed all sadat in sit albahrain and was one of thirteen siblings anwar sadat developed a love and passion for his village of meat abacham as a child he often played in the village square with a young girl named eck ball affi though her parents cautioned her against spending too much time with him as they were prejudiced against his darker skin referring to him as that black one we'll sadat's family had the cards stacked against them as they were poor they did not own any land and sadat's mother was a black woman from sudan all of this gave their neighbor cost to view them as inferior especially as friend eck ball's family sadat did not speak or write much of his mother set although on the daughter of a freed african slave whose darker skin was a trait that sadat inherited many historians believe that this brought shame to sadat nubians that is people from sudan have long been the victim of racism and color ism in egypt however sadat does credit his mother's and grandmother's bedtime stories with shaping the man he grew into the two women did not tell the tired classic stories of ancient adventures at bedtime but instead told tale of the modern heroes who were fighting for egypt's independence from britain at that exact same time young sadat drifted off to sleep with stories of nationalist heroes people fighting for.

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