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Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, hitting some of the worst of those wins and flash flooding trees and utility lines down through the region. Over half a million without power. Wildfires in the West continue to burn their smoke, creating a major health problems in the West. Dr Peter Hakeem says hospitals, they're still seeing an increase in patients with respiratory issues. It's difficult to tell at first who has Koven 19 and who has an irritant from the pollution President Trump face to face with undecided voters last night on ABC News Town Hall in Philadelphia president focus heavily on what he has done since taking office and didn't frame his argument about what he will do if given four more years in the White House. The president was asked by a voter what he would do differently if re elected to address what this voter said some people Call unpresidential behavior. I'm fighting a lot of forces. Sometimes you don't have time to be totally as you would say, Presidential. You have to get things done. Karin Travers. ABC NEWS Washington Newly released documents show an effort by police in Rochester, New York, to keep the death of a black man out of the public eye. Daniel Prue died one week after an encounter with police who placed a hood on his head and pinned him to the ground. The police chief has been fired and seven officers have been suspended. Taking a look at Wall Street. The Dow is up. 143 point The NASDAQ is down. 18. You're listening to ABC News, All right, We're coming up on news from your neighborhood in just a moment. But before that, we need to get you some traffic in 10 minutes and we'll start with Brian Nobles and see how that morning commute is looking looking pretty good right now. If you're on I 80 coming in from Roseville. Nine minutes there gets you to the camp Cities put another night on the cap city and.

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