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Was actually struck just the other day watching sixty minutes and Leslie stall saying that she couldn't verify that Donald trump was spied on I mean in October of twenty twenty for you to say, you cannot verify this. You know. I. Can understand it if you didn't believe in sixteen and Seventeen and eighteen nineteen. But after Muller Investigation and the I G investigation and the Senate Intel investigation, it's it's sad to see what social media is doing as well is really. Just a sad situation in a sad state of affairs for the American people I I. Don't think that this will age well I. do think that social media will lose their liability protection because clearly in this dominant position, they have abused their power. And we have seen these multi trillion dollar companies use their incredible market advantage to now become a political advantage, which if a Republican company. To do anything close to that there would be widespread bipartisan donation if for whatever reason at and T. was a conservative company and they started dropping calls with between the Biden campaign staffers or they said, we're going to turn off the Internet for the Biden Campaign Field Offices in if they had any in Florida and Pennsylvania, you know people would be they would say it was be rightfully. Outraged about it or you could even go through any or say American Airlines comes out and they say we will not fly Biden staffers on our airlines. That's basically the equivalent of what Google and facebook is doing James I wanted to get your thoughts on the rising issue of tech tyranny and kind of how you you analyze the how this issue has evolved over the last couple of years. It really is amazing when you think about their blocking New York Post stories that have held up really well, they were big scoops. It wasn't just serving big tech giant. Setting itself up as the referee they're blogging true information that I think is important for people consider as they think about hiring this guy to be our president for the next four years. As far as the problem of Beta generally kind of abusing this. This legal safe harbor, which of course, was created to allow them to take down jihadi videos and criminal acts things like excessively violent material. It was never intended for this. I, don't think it was written this way either so I think this could be one of the many benefits of Amy Tony. Barrett on the Supreme Court is we have another along with Clarence Thomas, we now have a real is going to look at that law as written not as people would like it to be not as imagine the intent of the authors. Was But looking at the plain language and I think there's a case that goes to that might think you would find that the tech companies do.

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