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To? What new racers could be on the calendar? We'll look ahead to this weekend's British Grand Prix. That's all to come on this episode of box of neutrals. Oh, you want to listen to box of neutrals? Well, how about you fill out this form? Mila one. Ah. It's weird, isn't it? Because you often feel like you have to say sir Jackie Stewart. But it's also solo as Hamilton. I don't ever call him a surgeon and I don't feel like I'm gonna, I think I'm gonna stop calling Jackie Stewart Sergio Stewart. It's an over 65 things. 'cause I always Hamilton still actively competing, still participating very actively in the sport in which he was very much knighted for. It's often an after the fact kind of thing. I associate a knighthood. But so I understand that. It's too young to be sir. You still doing stuff. Lewis Hamilton, good quad easily disgraced himself. However many years, you almost someone to retire. Have a little bit of a buffer in between for all the dirty secrets to come out about. You know, let's say athletes who can bicycle races and after the fact that they were drew stuff. Imagine if it was so large Armstrong, that would have been tricky. How do you want to do that? What do we very uncomfortable do you have to go? You have to do something else with the sword, I guess they thought you, that has to be maybe the other shoulder. Both shoulders. Just straight ahead. Yeah, with your disgrace. That's the risk you take. What do you want nice? It's a warning shot. You bring hoods and dame shifts into disrepute. That's a good thing large Armstrong men wasn't because it would have been big story, I guess. Biggest story even than it was. The reason we're talking about Jackie Stewart is because over the course of the week or pre recorded some early point and released last week. Yes, hey and Lewis Hamilton went to ultra cart and so Jackie Stewart said if you were driving in my ear, are you never would have won? And then they bashed each other on the straight, so Jackie Stewart did no Lewis did boxing professionally previously. And then some WhatsApp messages winter and saying, oh, don't wolves on. We've got to come out the next one. In the next few days with the George Russell's House of trade. There will be a press conference the board of met and they're not happy. Every WhatsApp whisper? That's a God. That is. Every WhatsApp was fun. That's what they should change it to in the paper. The best water whispers. Yeah, yeah. Because they're fantastic because they're always the same formula. Ice? Yes. Someone turning up at 3 a.m. off their head and making threats. Yes. Bike is rolling. Up to triangle facilities. And there will be a press conference within the next three days. Normally when these things come at this, it's almost instant, but it's always watch this space with the three days. It's a story so big everyone has agreed not to break it. For the next few days. Exactly. But the WhatsApp messenger, the honorable WhatsApp messenger. What are we saying? Louis, how do you that's right? Jackie Stewart. Jackie Stewart has said Lewis sounds pasta. He says he's paid credit to be fair. He paid credit to him. He said he's one of the greatest probably the greatest of his generation. Likened him to I hadn't seen that Alain Prost and even himself. Which I think is fair enough he was in these united. He was very good too. He's pretty good. Even if he does, I think I'm sure he was joking when he said it. But he did say, now that he's always being beaten by George Russell and qualifying, which is not correct, but anyway, that's what he said. You know, he's past the heel and he should retire rather than continue what in his description. He sees ongoing decline in formula. The Hamilton deer is over. It's very opposition later of sir Jackie sure. Well, clearly, Louis, George Russell's better in government than Lewis Hamilton. So he's a disgrace. I tell you what interest rates are always low and George Russell was exactly. It was on the podium, but William. Lewis Hamilton was around during the pandemic. It's all his fault. All of these lockdowns. I read it in a message. It's interesting, isn't it? Because I feel like, you know, we've heard various criticisms of Lewis Hamilton before. Usually they're from Jacques Villeneuve's of the world. They come out in the coming days. It's coming out of the lift. Watch where the pot is gone. It's only from someone of moderator. There's a world champion, I guess, but of moderate repute, but someone whose job it is to beat irritating. Yeah. Which is Jacques Villeneuve. Jackie Stewart though, not only is he many times three time world champion, icon of the sport, he's also continues to be very intimately connected with the sport and not as a pundit whose job it is to have some hot takes. No. His job is only to show guests of Rolex around the most honorable profession there is in motor sport. Banks. RBS? Yes. So whatever. Heineken? What are the other? They ended a disrepute for the older royal bank of Scotland. But yes, sir Jackie's short. Forget about his Twitter bio saying, you know, RTs are not endorsements. This is a walking door sword. Yes, bank here. Where that? Drink these. I think I did think that the criticism was fairly interesting as well. I went to have a look at the numbers too. And he hasn't been beaten by George Russell over the course of the season. If you average out there qualifying. I don't know what the number of number of times being I qualified for. But on average, he's in fact a head of George Russell. A little bit of RMIT fact checked. Going on here. Yes, thank you very much. That's a fact check. I would never run this. Let's be honest. We're done you were a carboxylic. Yeah, yeah, different sponsorship. And I feel like there's just been these pudding Jackie sewer to one side. There has been this narrative that Lewis Hamilton's bitcoins because he's having a bad season. Yeah. Well, tell you the big winner out of all of this is Daniel Ricciardo. At the moment, the furnace is well away Jared and Robert. Yeah. The merry go round of who needs to reside because it's just like with politics. If we just go, just keep applying hate. Let's see if we can get some movement going on around here. And then because Nicholas Latifi hasn't resigned yet. No. He's surely he has to resign. It's the British Grand Prix. Where's Oscar piastre? Where's this? Was going to be driving the Williams this weekend. In three days, Nicholas Latifi, off his head. And if you don't put me in this car, I would do it. And then the bike is turned up at growth. I read it. I swear to God. I know someone in government. I know someone buy up. I know someone on the board. So I'm going to tell my mates. And WhatsApp group in between various qualities unable to put on. It is, I think it is interesting. I think it's interesting in the context as well that we're arriving at the British Grand Prix for one. It's also just Russell's home race to be fair to him, but principally Lewis Hamilton's home race. This is his home race first. Before anyone. He's also got this record unique in Formula One. I mean, there's a record, not what makes it unique. Only driver to win a race in every year he's competed in. Yet to do so this year, obviously. And the Mercedes car for most of the year has been a mat. A real dog. And as a result, he's daring down the barrel of arguably the first season in which he may not win a race, except did quite well in Spain, didn't we obviously because he got hit by Kevin Magnussen the first lap. Silverstone's kind of seamless smooth track aerodynamics are important. Mercedes car could be good. This might be his best chance of the year. This and the next couple of races because it'll be to win. If he doesn't, then he could be cooked and Jackie Stewart.

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