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Off the coast approaching the coastline, and that could start stirring things up in getting the smoke out of the barrier. By that time, some of the worst air quality today has been seen in San Francisco, as well as in Marin and Sonoma County's Mike Dewald KCB, and I'm looking at an image from the goes West satellite that shows what Mike referred to there is smoke all the way along the California coast literally. From Crescent City at the top corner to San Diego. At the other end of the state, it is push well inland up above the Tahoe basin now and so I would say a good 80 to 90% of California skies are full of smoke now and there is more of this offshore. The patterns have taken smoke from Oregon Washington Offshore and and then are pulling it back on shore. That's on top of the smoke being generated by California's own fires, including the huge one burning in Butte County and surrounding counties. Now the so called bear fire where once again the decimated community of paradise is facing another deadly threat. Here's KCBS reporter Tim Ryan. The fire smoldered for three weeks in the Plumas National Forest, part of the August lightning fires. But then exploded under wicked winds. On Tuesday, it destroyed most of the town of Very Creek near Lake Oroville and forced evacuations in MMA, Galia and Paradise. So I will tell you that, uh This is the part of my presentation that I've been dreading an emotional sheriff, Coroner Corey homey announcing, and unfortunately tonight I have the Very sobering duty to report that there have been three fatalities. To date. Another 12 people are unaccounted for. The fire has burned more than a quarter million acres, damaging or destroying 200 structures and threatening thousands. Mohr, including newly rebuilt homes in paradise. 20,000 people have been evacuated. Butte County was struggling last night to shelter 140 families because of the pandemic, Deputy county administrator saying Kim told first responders I found in the same location in Berry Creek. Citing a critical shortage of firefighting resources. Cal Fire implored people to evacuate if given the order. Tim Ryan KCBS quick updates on some other fires The creek fire outside of frozen in the Sierra National Force, 260 Square Miles burned and at this 2600.0 containment at least 360 homes have been destroyed. Authorities believe they now have rescued everyone that they know to have been missing with many, many people in the woods, camping and hiking at the time the fire exploded west of Lake Tahoe. This one's called the Fork Fire started near Pollock Pines on Tuesday spread by gusty winds toward the community of Georgetown. 0% containment there. There have been evacuations for a little tiny communities in the Sierra Nevada in the Tahoe region. They are basically shutting down. However, all national forest land anywhere in the area. The U. S Forest Service has shut down hundreds of campgrounds is the most extensive fire closure of public lands ever in California. 14 National Forest 15 million acres of banned all campfire stoves and ignition devices. People in camp grounds in the Tahoe, Eldorado and Plumas National Forest have been told to leave. The road's trails and wilderness areas remain open. But because you can't use ignition sources overnight, hikers and campers would be unable to cook food, so that has effectively caused a shutdown of that kind of recreational activity..

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