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Health, Not everyone who has shown up is getting a shot. Sandra Kelly tell CBS Austin She and her friend both had appointments here. 8 15. And they're about 350 people in front of him. And as it turned out, a lot of them were turned away because they did not have appointment. Pre registration for Phase one A and one B began Wednesday. Austin Public Health says all 12,000 doses should be gone by today or tomorrow. Austin School leadership is asking parents to keep their kids at home following the MLK holiday that follows Austin Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marquez Scott. Saying that the new semester is giving him reason to be worried. Positivity rate is much higher, four times what it was in the fall. We have a new variant, which is almost certainly impacting the spread of disease here, and, he says that spells a covert and scholastic disaster looming on the horizon. 6 33 at K L. B. J. Here's Austin's On time traffic with Don Prior normal. Build up starting TOC shop right now in north bound. I 35 when you hit old Tor. If you're going to slow down up to Cesar Chavez right now, starting to see little Bill up happening south bound on I 35 before 51st Street down to the upper lower deck split, and that's about it right now, Don prior with Austin's on time traffic Breezy day today. Plenty of sun though High 61 It'll be cleared tonight. Low 32 from the weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment and he's done..

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