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This is ben initially. I almost famous this in-depth. It's been so long since we learned that intro video for this and I can't tell you how much I love. This is honestly one of my favorite times times of any season where we do in depth episodes also loved the way that your tone is like so much more like stopped and when we are I'm yeah I like in-depth because one of a little nasal right now I'm a little nasal way got called in and my buddy has kids and we shared like the the same cup and I know I got sick from Hey guys today the background using my pitcher actually yes photo was terrible. If you hear the man's voice it's sensual. I'd say it's a great guy. His name is Mike Johnson. We've promised that we'd have in-depth episode sewed. You've asked for and worry we now have it Mike Johnson if you don't know who he is well you're not a fan of the show oh but he's a thirty one year old air force veteran from San Antonio who now works as a financial portfolio manager contestant from season fifteen of the Bachelorette with Hannah Brown around describes himself as a city boy who likes get down and dirty allegedly alleged that wasn't your first. Qna I guess while allegedly is speaking to Demi Levada before we speak to Mike Johnson. We gotTA pause here to say we're live from the planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. ooh What does Mike Johnson. Welcome to the PODCAST August. Thank you I want to there is a little bit of an elephant in the room and I think it is best to get it started right because here's the thing I want to preface right now by saying my co host thinks you are amazing she she let me this is this is my zone she. He is a huge. She's a huge fan of you. She loves you but there had been in just like nor dislike. This world happens there was trolls trolls that came out and said Hey Ashley doesn't like Mike and it kind of blew up into this thing. It offended you. Mike for some of the things Ashley has said in the past and I think before we get started aren't we can really trust each other here in this circle. We have to talk about it right. So if I fall backwards and don't look you got me I got you actually de Yeah from your perspective. What was said what was the context of what was said and what happened to make this whole thing is something I think that well first off? If I think when we do these like podcast all the recaps I do. I do have to criticize you know if I see something. Sometimes I have to like not criticize but it I can't just be butterflies and rainbows with every single thing that happens on the show or whether it's in real life what job Oh to be rainbows and butterflies that's true. He's the one that always takes the easy route and like he's like sure they said this but this and I'm like well sometimes be a little little bit harder. I was harder on Kaelin too and like I did the same thing in the podcast. I was like look I didn't have the burst the best first impression of her and then and I met her in real life well. I met her real life couple times but it was when we actually broke the silence that I was like This is a completely different person than I thought she was. I think with Mike I saw you on the show and you're like the warmest friendliest person and in the thirty seconds and it was like thirty seconds that I met you at the wedding. I felt like somebody introduced me to you is like the Bachelor beat reporter and I was like there were like this is actually a whole bunch of recap. She doesn't that and then I said yeah and everybody is loving you like literally. Nobody can think about things to say debut and the first thing he said to me. I don't care about any of that and I felt like I was kinda discredited. I felt like I was personally. I took a little bit of offense to that because it was almost like you're putting down what I do. I'm going off of what you're saying because I remember that I'm not saying that you're wrong but just going off. What what you're saying yeah? That's something I don't care if if someone were to say to me hey everyone thinks you're amazing. that's me saying I don't care that. Let's have a conversation so I think he took that completely out of context yeah okay and that's probably very true very true. What is it that you felt like you had an issue with me about now one? I think we are making a bigger than I think we are too. I do think it has to be talked about because he brought up every once in a while Ofek. I'M GONNA talk about watching the Bachelorette. I'm coming at you. Damn Shaima come to you and so from what people had told me my. DM's from what I thank you I think the same I think something crazy happened. I think that people like literally took me being like I didn't get the greatest first impression Russian and then people really flip hard core. I was like I met him for thirty seconds thirty seconds yeah exactly my point so from what you had said from this article I just read while sitting over there my Sharma facts right. You say you know I'll be. It was only like thirty seconds that we spoke but you didn't the best impression. He won't be the Bachelor Co stuff. We wouldn't be the bachelor some article just respite quote fair cool and my issue issue is at dam sure calling me. I just talked to me because I'm pretty damn good. Oh I know I'm GONNA learn this this weekend because we're going to have a lot more time and then I probably should never never even spoken on a first impression your mind I mean my first impression of being was damn. He's tall. He's going to do this guy so awkward. I WanNa talk to this guy. He's got big arms. Hey can you move out of the way for both I mean I never watched the show prior. Go for one that my happiest time while being on Bachelor Paradise was at the wedding yeah for Chris and Crystal and because I felt free and just was just loving life right within a cluster F it was and the more I thought about it the more I was like I was super overwhelmed. I feel like everybody was overwhelmed because we had no. Why do we are going into and it was not the appropriate time to make a judgment? I gotta ask you something though Yes. I want to hear your opinion on this. Here's a scenario was plano right. We've we've we've talked walk through this. We understand miscommunication. We understand that you know. Tabloids and rumors are GONNA get started. It's going to get blown up right. Here's where maybe I want you to help me understand understand. This is a deep topic of smiles coming out now to paint a picture for you. Ashley says something like Hey. Mike might not be the next bachelor. I didn't get a good first impression. Nothing about you. Personally really I mean yeah. You can ask her. Actually why do you think that and then all of a sudden here's what happens in this were hurt. She's called a racist. What do we what do you do with that like we go from? Hey maybe this person just isn't going to be the next bachelor to all of a sudden. She's a racist. That's a big jump an incredibly offensive too. I think both sides so I heard I heard I mean. I thought that was absolutely insane. How people would go from that to you? Oh I want to hear what he though because it. This isn't a one off thing I mean it's going to happen and later on the podcast. I WANNA talk about not being chosen next bachelor and how you feel about that and what what the show's going to do and and what is your response but this is it. We've talked to Rachel Lindsay about this before you are. You're blazing a trail and bachelor nation one that should be blaze ace but why then is this the conclusion to every criticism big or small so you have a couple of points one. I did see that people hit me on my dealings about that. I never knew of you in the past. Not saying nothing negative about you. Just have you know no baseball baseball right and I heard about that in response also because I don't know of Youtube Vida towards me yeah so people can say things but how much you the way you treated me at that point time. You intrigue me a racist at all. I'm saying on your if if you are. I don't think that you are of course you are so people have say that. I don't know your past right the way I feel about. What you said been quite honestly? It shouldn't even be in the question the reason I feel like it isn't questions because there is it extremely underrepresented underrepresented people of color within his nation. That's just facts right and so therefore when I'm in a room with like twenty beautiful people I'm the only black that guy in the room that may come up more times than if it were if we were twenty black guys and then you had the only why that comes up more so because that's it's an easy thing to talk about. Oh bins the only why right uh-huh maybe that maybe the case may not be the case but then also in batch nation. I don't know the demographics of how everything works out but there I mean I would like to see that one day yeah in regards to I'm just GonNa talk on ours being the bachelor because of my race I one hundred percent will say that yes peter is half Cuban. He's white right. I'm GonNa sit and and I think his family is beautiful but there's that mean going around. I mean there's a picture going around with all Bachelors Right. I'll twenty four bachelor's yeah. They could've made me more white right yeah. Hey let's be honest really white right fluorescent looking at this President Obama Llama prisoner woman if there was a diverse cast that represented America as far as the bachelor. I don't think racism would ever be in question but since all twenty four batteries have been predominantly white then I feel like it is fair thing to bring up. Let's dig one step deeper then because I know actually wants to follow up here a little bit mark no no. I'm glad you did not like there's no apology because I want to step one step deeper then here's the question Mike so Rachel Lindsay. I was one of the Best Bachelorettes we've ever had just as is in terms of season of drama all that stuff she has about half the followers of most Bachelorette so calling it out well so my question to you Mike is if we look at the list and we look at the pictures and we say yeah that needs as the change then. How does it change when nobody nobody comes out for support? There's a problem there way beyond the show so my point is yes. Ask The show could do something to fix that right could name you the bachelor but even beyond the show the viewers the viewers don't respond which makes me go. There's there's a bigger issue here than what any of US WANNA point out. There's three things you hit on one like I said back demographics. I think that people gravitate gravitate toward they are used to right so I've asked tons of times. I was an air force being received and I said to my wife friends. Can you imagine the only way guy in an airport. Can you imagine a bit. Can you imagine that actually that's happening to me tons of time talking about thousands of people in an airport and I'm the the only black guy right if I was if I saw another black person gravitate towards that person I is that racist or is that just relate ability ability right and and so therefore I'm not gonNA call our fans at all if the majority of batch nation fans are Caucasian so therefore for the ones that may not be open into it. They're going to gravitate to what's natural for them and so I always think about the airport scenario because most people in here probably not felt that I'll call you all right. It's a crazy thing. There's twenty people in the room by the way that's a serious talking about your black yeah right so so yeah so like for the most part like we're looking at a room. There's people watching these people sit around that scenario sitting in here planet Hollywood and it's like if I were to go to if the Bachelor Ambassador Inbound Paradise was not on ABC on bt obvious right now right you may not be..

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