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No i kicked out sistine chapel for taking pictures. It's it's the most prestigious thing i've been kicked out. They didn't just tell you put your phone now because it was very clear. You weren't supposed to picture speaking a phone call. I had next to my ear but i was. It's just like using my thumb to take pictures. I guess i was not as discreet as i thought and they're like oh. You're better off just like sneaking it real quick rather than like. Oh look. I'm on the phone. We'll we'll sometimes obvious is the best hynix but definitely scumbag in the bar. No no. I'm like completely play. I feel like what it is. I believe light but no that was the first time i think yeah only when i'm drunk. I don't like i get tired. I don't get like i want to fight. I'm fucking five nine one forty five what the fuck maija somebody. I know i just i get really tired. Let's go eating all gonna go to sleep. I think lately lately. I've been getting when i get blacked out. I get more sober like more of smart. Not sober smart like i look way more put together when okay no it's not because everyone's a call you remember this and the last ones from john madryn he says if you guys could have one yankee as your wingmen wingmen who is it and why tyler wade might have waited till the girl. Nobody knows he knows like but that's just fall back nope. I don't think tolerate tolerate like may not know. Can someone say tyler doesn't know how to pick up girls like he's so hot that he doesn't need to talk to girls club guy he said. Why don't we tolerate isn't a club weeping goodwin man. He's big. He's going to fuck with you like this girl really liked and then he's like nope. She didn't give a fuck us. You know make up shit like to like like super charismatic. Yeah yeah do pretty good but he's like too. Impressive speaks six languages an eastern all these athletic. I feel like he would steal a girl to all. All of them would still let let's be real here. I think he would he would anybody so. Let's break. Is anyone <hes> and don't even that wouldn't steal a girl greg bird so we're looking cat. It's too tall pro baseball tyler. Yeah fuck well yeah. I guess lucas kind of good answer although now you said. I don't think i could be terrible. Your answers weighed your luke canley. No there's no away. Kelly can keep a conversation with that way for like oh the song change. Let me go like crazy dancing run around the bar or whatever yeah look look i and why it is no no actually talking with think about. He's like so meticulous as answers that'd be weird pauses and the girl would probably like walkaway. She'd be like so he's just going to talk about is truly just thinking. The weird pauses would definitely okay all right fair enough so we're the dodgers this weekend so that should be pretty fucking fund series honestly like they're excited for that series. Do we get you what the isn't that. I was thinking get a fucking darvish. That's not on the team. I hope so. Why is this guy so good. I've always like i got friday night. Paxton right you goddamn. It's runs. I getting kershaw to them. Kershaw sunday night against mingo home. My good obviously saturday. They don't have someone there at c._c._a. Against went up he must've just had a pretty bad start. It's up to one point. Six four last year was one point nine seven are you. Who was your dying only.

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