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Have a forty five I'm I'm I'm John Morrissey yeah Hey we've got this drive is not very happy happy this afternoon northbound I. twenty five at eighty fourth there's an accident there's blocking the HOV lane on northbound a fourth back to back to the boulder turnpike southbound I. twenty five crash near I. seventy that's got your slow in the downtown you're downtown drive on I. twenty five pretty heavy both northbound coming up from Santa Fe and southbound all the way through downtown your westbound I. seventy drive there was an earlier crash near Colorado backing you up back to Quebec that crash has been cleared at G. seventy is a heavy slow drive in both directions fox thirty one pinpoint weather forty seven overnight AT tomorrow cooling and showers Sunday and Monday it is eighty right now this report is sponsored by target at target your health and safety is our top priority that means deep cleaning their stores every day providing masks and gloves to their team members and offering contactless shopping options like drive up learn more at target dot com slash a bull's eye view that I'm John Morrissey Keighley news radio live everywhere on the I heart radio out of this is big gallon Jo Jo to news radio I haven't seen the light yes.

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