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Vadym eclipse go wow can't believe at totally was company along as reaches they will have factored that in my and they'll have i hope i hope a plan to get post that reach and the plan thing will be speed and their own jets don't be surprised if we see polka putting together one two and three jets to get closer there's the latest of our podcast this week after they final press conference they'll be another one a major after the way on friday and then after the fight itself on saturday night sunday morning when you wake up on sunday morning post analysis and review of the events in the principality stadium will be available if you're listening for the first time or you're fairly new to us where every monday five live boxing with costello amounts wherever you get your podcasts from back to to press conference in off to the question on session in the staredown that we were talking about spoke to joshua about that and about the levels of respect he holds for his opponents respect is due because it cheat she but is this competition and there's no record in press conferences to say like home undefeated in a press corps song is part of the par the fight build up and it's just a chance to person there for you're ready and you're bracing challenge what did you see in him that you haven't seen in in other opponents was that did you sense a belief that he can beat you.

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