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Offer t live. I'm getting real close real close if he editing. I'm getting a chance you know if I could get things done fast enough during the break before the after show begins. I might actually be able to color correct audio for lower. Oh I don't know about the lower thirds but you know make the lower thirds and the I might actually even be able to upload it to Youtube Wild shows going on. So let's here's here's here's the open Lord whalen so six zero three two eight three six hundred sixty or dischord dot dot. Fm to join on the Honor Air Colin lines or tip dot L. Orinda Fem to show your support for show help. Get me excited for the after show just because yeah this is sunburn is real taxing and I remember always going back from the beach when I was a child and I get a sunburn. I wonder my gosh. I'm so tired I was just almost fall asleep in the shower and apparently and I looked it up as why am I so exhausted when I get a sunburn and it turns out? It's because since dehydrating or I actually I'm going to look official thing. You just want to make sure I get this right so because sunburns raise your temperature Vega dehydrate you and make you feel tired and dizzy depending on the alcohol and also having what was it to thirty milligrams of Gumy's over course of day and to Guinness's on all on empty stomach and see here about one American glass of wine glasses Philip atop so but dizziness Certainly not helping the dizziness. They can hydrate you and make dehydrates. You make you feel tired and dizzy depending on the severity of your sunburn. If it hurts it fucking hurts and type of skin you have zero. I've liked zero. Melania of these little dots on my arm that I think I counted like when I'm when I'm really stressed I count them so like you know. God forbid them ever put in like prison solitary confinement. I'll just like obsessively count every single little freckle on my arm and leg and my entire body and do it like one hundred times just so I can have a high degree of accuracy So Yeah and Oh God I don't even want to know about the peeling apparent. Yo captain kick ass actually. He was fewest pretty. Read to I mean like I was. It looked painful being him. I know people really notice that on the cameras tonight. Free Talk live episodes should be on twitch and De Lives Archive which I think they delete after thirty days for people in a chat asking about it so in the only twenty twenty three way poll far morning consult on April fourteen to sixteen found just one percent of one thousand nine hundred ninety two registered voters saying vote for a mosh over Joe Biden Donald Trump to national polls in twenty nineteen had mosh averaging five point five percent. His potential impact on the presidential swing state of Michigan is something both parties would be looking at with interest vo a highly polarized political climate following. A razor. Thin presidential election tends to be numerically. Brutal for minor candidates. There's no word yet. On wherever congressman will officially withdraw from his reelection campaign Vo. He cannot seek both offices. Comino of member are pretty funny. See here yeah. People are saying that to Tom. Massey is the most libertarian member of Congress. You'll Lebron Libertarian. Is the right way to describe it. Probably like the best like most freedom-loving or per freedom friendly right. It's just like it's a scale right. It's just like like you know like the autism. Asperger's capitalists There's a degree for free right. Like you know Rand Paul Rand. Paul would be way better Vin Ted Cruz but Thomas Massey's better than both of them for all these experts on Austin have any of you've been roughing was a mean. I'd Cat Grill on Sixth Street. I want to go by there but you know naturally you know Fifth Street on Fifth Street. Yeah I've heard about the mean I'd cat of is what the Iron Cactus to. I want to go to some of these bars street. I want to be iron cactus. So let's see here. Do they hate massias? Massey's for open borders and one-sided three trade with an authoritarian nation attempting to destroy our economy. See I mean the reason comments have given me some hope for this movement and just because people are calling from outrightly under bullshit see here. Yeah so dreamy. People are calling them out for sucking his Dick Damn. I should've I should've gone screen shots. Yeah people call him. Libertarian Carpet Bagger. So so now if your campaign we should was here we go so if your campaign website hold on. I thought I had linked to his fucking website because it was pretty indicative of unless he's two shits wall I'll find it for next segment just because it's it's important it's telling but he's got plenty people upset especially mainly Democrats upset. Republicans just couldn't care less so here you go. People are saying any respect. I had for Justin Amash gone. He is putting his ego above democracy. Fuck you just in in this response to a Washington Post article about him right now. Trying to get the Libertarian Party nomination because most people think most people think that he's going to steal votes away from Joe Biden because anyone who's going to vote for trump at this point is already going to vote for trump or not gonNA suddenly switch and decided to vote for just mash. I mean especially not the V. Disgruntled all writers very interesting. I hate it when fucking websites. Don't serve links are dead before the show so here. It goes from conservative. Treehouse DOT COM and published may eighteen twenty one thousand nine Republican Justin Amash calls for impeachment while holding personal business interests in China so yes so he said. Trump deserves impeachment on twitter. He's promoting via anti trump narrative. How a review of Masha financial interest quickly reveals a very personal business motive. His family tool business is heavily. Invested in Chinese manufacturing. And it's two thousand seventeen and this point. I mean any any business being done with the Chinese. I view as being doing base. You're doing business with an entity that is somehow is able to be even worse than the US government it's trading-with-the-enemy at this point wherever you believe in nations are not. I mean of Communist. Chinese are the most dangerous government gang on the planet. I say even more Sylvan Zionists at this point even air founded by so five point seventeen financial disclosure forms Ammash reports. At least he reports that right. I mean I'm assuming honestly reports income of between one hundred thousand to one million dollars a year for his ownership stake in Michigan industrial tools Michigan industrial tools as he parent company manufacturing in China. That produces tech. Tom Tools just mashes Michigan family business. According to an earlier Michigan Article Mosh is co owner of dynamic source international. A Chinese company that supplies Michigan Industrial Tools. A visit to the website of dynamic sources international company operates manufacturing factory facilities located in Kabul province China. So we're going to get it's about it and we're gonNA talk about Eating your neighbors. This is pushing forty. Don't.

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