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You're listening to wrt 89.9 FM Madison next on a public affair we're talking about the mom of this act of 2021 Stay tuned. Hello. This is Julie can blow with the BBC News. The daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, says she's being held prisoner by her father. The BBC has obtained video recorded on a phone smuggled to Princess Latifah. In which he says she's being kept in solitary confinement in a villa where she is guarded by police. This follows the princess's attempt to flee to buy three years ago, which ended when she was captured as she tried to cross the Indian Ocean. Tina Yohe Island, help the princess in her attempt to escape and now campaigns for her freedom. She says Releasing the tapes was what Latifur would have wanted. We've taken the decision to release Some of this evidence. We haven't taken this decision lightly. I feel that she would want us to fight for her. On. Don't give up. The lower house of the French Parliament has approved President Emmanuel Macron's flagship project to combat extremism at its first reading The bill to nurture Republican values has militant Islam is its prime target. Lucy Williams and reports This bill covers a vast array of measures from closer scrutiny of religious associations to better protection for public workers and tighter restrictions on home schooling for Children. It also includes a new offense introduced after the murder of schoolteachers Samuel Party last year, which means that anyone who endangers the lives of others by maliciously disseminating personal information, for example on social media could face three years in prison. France's main opposition parties, both left and right voted against the bill, with some deputies believing it didn't go far enough. The Dutch prime minister has urged the public to abide by the coronavirus curfew. Despite a court ruling declaring it unlawful. Mark Rooter said it would be very unwise at this time to lift the nationwide ban on leaving home after 9 P.m.. The government has asked the court to leave it in place until an appeal is heard. The judges are due to decide later on Tuesday. In there earlier verdict, they said ministers had not shown that the restrictions were urgently needed. Islamist Hamas authorities in Gaza have agreed to revise a controversial recent ruling that bars women from traveling without the permission of a male relative. Alan Johnston reports. The new regulations stipulate that an unmarried woman wanting to make a journey needs the permission of a male guardian. Usually her father. They also suggest that a married woman requires her husband's permission. The ruling caused an outcry on social media where Hamas was accused of having roll back women's rights. Now The judge who turned the edict into law has said that it will be redrafted, but he didn't say exactly what changes would be made. World News from the BBC. The leading Democratic congressman has filed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting the assault by his supporters on the U. S. Congress on January the sixth Case brought by Bennie Thompson also names Mr Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and far right groups, the proud boys and the Oath Keepers. Mr. Trump's lawyers have previously denied that he incited a riot. Several 1000 Algerians have held a rally two years on from the start of the pro democracy protests that brought down President Abdel Aziz. Beautifully, ger. They gathered in the northern town of Kurata, the scene of the first demonstrations. Although the protest movement eventually swept away, the president on those closest to him march of the political establishment has remained in place. Human refugee agency says it's alarmed at the level of violence in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Says. Last year, a record 2000 civilians were killed in a tour of the province on North and South Kivu. A spokesperson said the Congo, Lee's army's operations against militia groups had be more successful than in the past. But the without the capacity to control the secured areas. The militias have soon returned. European Space Agency says it wants to recruit someone with a physical disability to train as a potential astronaut. Yes. A is opening its application process for the first time in more than a decade and says it wants to make it more diverse and inclusive. Samantha Christoph. We're already and ESA astronaut says Being disabled is less of a hindrance than many people think. When it comes to space, travel it we Are all disabled because we were just not meant to be up there. So what drinkers from being disables to go to space to being able to go to space is technology. So in the end, it's just a matter of do we want to invest in the technology?.

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