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Batting order is the Nats blank the Padres to zip it was Josiah Gray Gray going five and a third striking out six bullpen does their job Lang Thomas Jamar Candelario with solar homers for the Nationals to get the victory to zip at San Diego they'll have the rubber's match of the series on Sunday afternoon Orioles beat Seattle 6 -4 walk -off style Ryan McKenna two -run shot in the bottom of the tenth gets gets another win for the O's at Camden Yards Cincinnati Reds 12 game winning streak is come to an end 7 -6 loss to Atlanta that was the Reds' longest winning streak since 1957 55 ,000 showed up at London Stadium to watch some baseball Cubs beat St. Louis 9 -1 first time playing over in London 2019 since major league soccer good solid home victory for DC United blank in Cincinnati three zip DC scores all three goals in the first half in the route PJ tour at the Travelers Keegan Bradley will start the final round on Sunday with a one -shot lead. He's at minus 21 Denny McCarthy out of Rockville he's in a time for fourth he's at minus 15 Frank Handrahan WTOP Sports. Coming up on WTOP the rebellion against Russia's top military leadership is over but the shocks remain we'll have more on the unrest in Russia in the minutes ahead 756. Are you concerned about the IRS plans to more intensely scrutinize the tax returns of high net worth people and businesses? settlement Rogers tax lawyer Nancy Ortmeyer Coon shares advice about how to get out ahead of a potential audit. Advice that can help all taxpayers she says. Because people have been given this advance warning that the audits are going to increase it's worthwhile for them to go back and look at the last three years you know see the if positions taken on the tax returns are reasonable or if there are any very risky positions that were taken and if so they might want to think about amending a return. If they amend a return before the IRS comes in the penalties are really non -existent I mean they can avoid penalties and the tax liability if they pay it up front they'll avoid interest and all sorts of problems. Learn more about Showman Rogers tax law services at showmanrogers .com hello I'm David Figueroa co -founder of Melinda's We we make 32 Kraft pepper sauces that are thicker hotter and better. We use fresh plant -based ingredients that you can see and taste. One try and you'll fall in love with Melinda's. Melinda's also makes spicy ketchups using real sugar and high no fructose corn syrup. Yuck! Go to Melinda's .com to see our line of Kraft condiments at Walmart and other retailers. Right now get a 10 -pack of our best -selling sauces with free shipping at Melinda's .com that's M E L I Here's how I pick my numbers when I play the new pick five from the Virginia Lottery. I let my dogs decide. We're not up to fifty thousand dollars. I give their treat jar a shake and see how many come running. Five numbers zero through nine. First number is two. No four. Is that six? No nine? No down to zero. How you choose is up to you. Play in -store, in -app or online today. Visit VALottery dot com slash pick five. This is WTOP News. WTOP -FM Washington. W -W -W -T -FM Manassas. W -T -L -P -F -M Braddock Heights Frederick. Seven fifty -eight. Traffic

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