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Yeah. We'll stop to read it. But anyway, but yeah, you know, talisa Soto is great, but she's underused in this movie. Bond, always. Is she the one that got whipped? Yeah. Did she get whipped with a slim Jim? Yeah, that would look weird. What was that? But he's always telling Q and the other galley he's like, no, I work better alone. And then they leave, and then they come back. He told them, no, I work better alone, or no, you should go home or no, you need to get on the plane. You need to get out of here. That was like every other scene. He was like, nope, you gotta go. Nope, I didn't do this on my own. Nope. It was nice to see a queue helping him out in the field. Shown back up. Q also covering for his just Bond Ness. He's like, you know, sometimes you just gotta do some things in the field to, you know, whatever it takes to keep your cover. No. And she's like, what? No. No, fuck that. And although he's pretty wasteful with that bay ass broom walkie talkie, he's like, wow. I'm like, dude, you can still use that. That's how he could have just pulled out a walkie talkie. Yeah. Little accountant guy that was like, what are you my on this for? How much did it cost? You to develop that broom. Yeah. You're not in the majesty's Secret Service anymore. You can't like, yeah. You're disavowed. You can't be spending money on broom radios. Explode in 30 seconds or something. I don't know that would be badass. They just linger different 36, nothing's blew up. Clean, sweep. Yeah. That'd be great. That would be great. But yeah, I give it a 6. Same reasons as Sean. It didn't feel like a Bond film. Really until Q got there. They had, you know, you didn't see money penny or at least he didn't go into the to get a mission or anything. He saw M in the field and they shot at him, tried to kill their agent, and I was like, oh, well this is, this is a horse of a different color. This just got real. Weird tie in with the Hong Kong also Secret Service, and there's a reason for that. Originally the script was supposed to be set in China. And they were going to deal with Chinese villains. And I believe for not only budget reasons but because China is a little bit strict on who they're going to allow to film, especially when they're I thought it was Hong Kong. Yeah, we're hung. I mean, it's going to be like very different. Yeah. Be careful. Yeah. Which is British, but yeah. I think they weren't allowed to film there. For they couldn't afford it and they weren't allowed to film in China. They filmed there for blood sport, which came out right around the same time. Loved that movie. So there were also several people, one of the agents was Shang tsung from Mortal Kombat. Everett McGill, I recognize from under siege two, is the only film I remember him from. And then I know the deep dive. Yeah. And then good old Robert Davi. The bad guy, goonies. As soon as I saw him, I was like, goonies. What else is Robert? Also, talisa Soto, she was katana. And Mortal Kombat. Now, I like Timothy Dalton, and I'm okay with him as Bond. But every both Bond movies of his, I'm not a fan. I know what I know Robert Dobby, I'm sorry, real quick. He used to do voice-over for some commercials. Do you want to work on?

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