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A better pace is expected by mid January. Sports News Wisconsin Badgers captured the Duke's Mayo Bowl, but they're still going home empty handed. That's because their quarterback dropped the Lenox crystal. Trophy that they got in it shattered into 1000 pieces while dancing around the locker room celebrating the team's 42 or 48 42 victor of Wake Forest yesterday. Wisconsin coach Paul Christ, though he was he was Chris. He was philosophical about this, he said. We just wanted everybody to have a piece of that trophy. These freshmen are going to drive you nuts and Oklahoma beat up on Florida, 55 to 20. Now in Florida's defense, they were without their top four receiving targets, and they had a new look receiving corps out there, many of whom spent the season on Scout team in Florida only had three practices after Christmas to get ready for that game, But nonetheless Oklahoma with that big win, and speaking of games a little bit of history for you on this day back in 1967. Game was played between the Cowboys in the Packers in Green Bay. It's now known as the Ice Bowl. Because of the 12 degrees below zero temperature. The Packers beat the Cowboys 21 17 on a last minute, one yard quarterback Sneak Ah, lot of the players who lived in Green Bay. Had to find a different way to the football field. Bad day because their cars froze the battery's froze. They couldn't get it started. A number of Packers had to hitchhike to the game. Can you imagine being a fan driving down the road and all of a sudden you look over and there's Bart Starr or Dave Robinson or some of these other guys with their thumb in the air, trying to get To the championship game. I mean, when you think about it, it's incredible by today's standards. How cold would have been, It would have been minus.

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