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To the story so far our investigation russian into the priory of syon and their legendary protection of jesus's descendants the true holy grail has been fraught with speculation but what though the circumstances of the secret orders founding are murky there could still be evidence that the organization has existed throughout the centuries the key to understanding the modern primary of psi on may lie in the story of an obscure french priest named baron jay sewn year sony air was born in eighteen fifty two in monticello france. He was a pious boy and entered the seminary at carcassonne at the age each of twenty two in eighteen seventy nine. He was ordained as a priest and six years later. In eighteen eighty five he was assigned to the small parish of ren louis chateau fewer than three hundred people lived in the town and the church did not have much money so near salary was small aw and he subsisted eating what he could hunt and fish for himself despite his lack of funds sony air wanted to undertake massive renovations ends on the old crumbling church as soon as possible assume near secured a small loan from the town's mayor and solicited as many donations as he could to improve the church. He decided to begin work on the rundown alter. I the altar was possibly over one thousand years old it was described by local historian rene desk diaz as a crude altar made of stone slab supported in front by two square pillars one of which or archaic carvings the pillar with the carvings was purported to be old visit gothic column that had been repurpose purpose to hold up the alter the visigoths were germanic tribes which ward with rome from the fifth to the eighth century in the fifth century injury ren lucia tow is suspected to have been the site of a large visigoths city but whether or not the altar support truly was from the fifth century sorry it was definitely at least hundreds of years old so near began remodeling the altar with a small group of laborers one of them accidentally struck the column with a pickaxe breaking a hole in it as it turned out the column was hollow inside were a clump of dried ferns and two small ancient scrolls witnesses at the time agree on these events. It's virtually certain that that sonia found some kind of ancient scrolls written in latin escott d._s. speculated. They were rather mundane. Instructions placed by the stonemasons ends to explain the construction of the altar and its pillars but this cannot be confirmed conspiracy theorists believe they may have contained secret information information about the priory of ceylon and the true holy grail whatever their true contents were sonia translated them quickly play the historian desk diaz claimed that the priest gave a copy of the translation to the mayor but neither the original scrolls nor where the translated copies have ever been found according to the sister of sewn years made the priest found more than just scrolls during the renovations. He also found some quantity of gold under the church. This gold was purportedly the nest egg of the previous priest antoine antoine b. who he died at the age of seventy and is believed to have buried his life savings before he passed away. This is a possibility but desk diaz acknowledges. It's only guess we do not know how much gold sonia on earth or who buried it there in the first place the only thing we can be relatively sure of is that he discovered some mysterious parchments whatever he found it encouraged him to keep digging after after he finished with the altar he began remodeling the small cemetery attached to the church despite his supposed golden windfall sonar are dismissed a few laborers who had been working for him and undertook the excavations himself on suspicious behavior to say the least and apparently apparently his work in the cemetery was not performed with the greatest care. The inhabitants of the village.

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