Lindsay, Fisher, Hugo Chavez discussed on Bloomberg Businessweek


The smugly trade can only work if if bluntforce wounds either inadequate or or you know compromised what happened because he he said this used to be a thriving fishing in for them and his way lindsay i mean the choon another extent of cuna that was caught in nice water was phenomenal what happened world words yet what are the tourist hugo chavez shove as government nationalized the in the interests of promoting a small fishermen and so the industrial fleets uh well literally they the this the state seized in many of the of the large are the large tuna ship tuna boats and those it weren't seized that reflects they were reflagging mmediately in other countries and the you know the system the system broke down the candy factoring uh i think it burned down the the shipyard started to fail the whole thing too slowly collaborative luminaries them yeah now this great deacon no longer can you could not can the tuna because there was no aluminum and so the canning plants tend to become the call the pouch because tuna was now presented in little baggies essentially right in the centre appealing one of the lines it stood out for me to is the fact that there are also fisherman fat right the problem is they even if they all fishing or apparently looking like that fishing they become the eyes and ears have really narcotics trade hasten the level of suspicion no one knows even who they can trust in these roy is either bull and and well no one answer one of the things that the ruling drills to the story was the was the premise that in some instances of fishermen if it was still trying to make a living of fishermen and you're out there in in in your approach by of rural by grappling moving bowed they bore do in a lot of instances the the victims of this piracy believe that they've been victimized by fellow fisher an or people who were formerly fishermen and you can imagine how that things right people shared their trade the trade the trade dried up at collapsed in these are people who again they have boats they have needs an all bets are off on the.

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