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It's kind of crazy were on this adventure together. Maybe and like. Oh, and then like all of a sudden, he gets in this again because his character doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He's like, oh, I'm the consolation prize. Oh. Starting to sound a little bit like charity. Okay. Dude. Whatever you run a fucking hill in Ecuador take the pity fund. Go fuck the mountain. What you suck heads? Maybe it's the thing that I can't get hard when Peter Falk is that close to me it's like he's practically in the room with us. It's outrageous. Go bite me. I can't hear with this literally up because he's sexual pitch at I'll turn around. Yeah. Thing later turnaround. I've never seen someone so sort of like expertly and swiftly talk themselves out of getting lays, then Jeff Goldman is never seen any. De LA per what are we talking about here? Get down to it. I can do a quick he's the best in that game. Absolutely the total best. And if it would be anything even close to the dancing. We saw earlier Mike God who he's just the thanks, but no, thanks. He storms out of the tent goes to look for the idler, whatever nonsense. Right. And he's he's holding some stone tablet that they have or something leading ham up the hill. Fuck comes in. And he tries to fuck Cindy Lauper in this. Well, now, he he's like cut salaciously pressures. She's like, wow, you could sleep with me. And if you feel so upset about not getting lane. She says what good would that? Do. He said do me a lot of good. Yeah. Good. I'm just gonna warn you. Now, my penis looks like flawn. What? I guess it's it's like a little gigli. So yeah, they he goes off with his rock in the middle of the night. He finds the lost city of gold sort of in this trance or whatever next morning. You know, she thinks that he's abandoned them and gone off to get it without them. He comes back looks like he just got fucking run through a fucking printing press. What I love about this. I talked about a go blooms outfit a bit folks outfit. He's got the end of silence of the lambs Hannibal thing. I mean, a hold over for dinner. It's actually been fed. He's he's he's doing stuff. All right. Yeah. I'll eat is. I'll eat is live being I'll eat his liver with some Fava beach Mckee any common. Don't skip Kiichi. Imagine Peter Falk has handled those. Look at your shoes. Hey, Senator nice suit. Tougher nipples a little bit. Yeah. That happened to be in WW June. And you know that he's in shake dental toll. There's a great line. Peter Falk has your where he tells Cindy Lauper he's talking about them not fucking before. He refers to it as a near miss Cananea miss. You too. Had last night in the tent. What can great this is what he's like, you know, what what are you? Fuck. I'll turn around. Right. And then of course, the joke is global turnaround is done that quick action Baresi. You know, who's a quickcam was Kassovitz. Listen, that's what whiskey does it. It tells directions show we last longer. Leo, you'll lose it. A couple of times that's a cost of doing business. Yeah. We used to call John cream jeans. You already done. I get the record going. The recorder. Bob crane fruit for the west coast for this. And as they're having this humorous exchange. He's like a FOX, you know, what? God's strike me dead..

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