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Brought to you by the pool and spa expo the capital. Metro bus driver faces the possibility of going to prison in connection with the death of a man on a bicycle university of Texas police chief David Carter says their investigation a Mindy Taylor. Stafford shows her bus drifted into angled parking lanes. We're thirty nine year old. Anthony Diaz was safely writing Carter says de as was hit and dragged over one hundred ten feet and the crash before. And after was. Captured on security cameras as well as internal external new cameras on on the bus Stafford was charged with felony manslaughter. The video will not be released to the public at this time, but police are seeking additional passenger witnesses Eric like NewsRadio KO energy says four additional homes have now been evacuated in Georgetown, the total is now sixty eight sixty six businesses also have been evacuated. There's still no indication from atmos- when people will be allowed to return. It's all due to a natural gas leak underground that happened nearly a month ago. A vista ridge high school counselor has resigned and police are launching an investigation a letter from vista ridge principal Paul Johnson. He says counselor Elissa Ellis is no longer an employee of the Leander school district. But the only reason given is due to an allegation of quote unprofessional behavior because this is both at ongoing investigation and a school personnel matter Johnson's given no indication as to what that unprepared. Personal behavior may have been we do know cedar park. Police are also involved in the investigation. But beyond saying they're looking into the matter. They can't comment either. Now the district is scrambling to find a replacement, Patrick Osborne. Newsradio KLBJ. Eight oh, four here's Austin's on time traffic.

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