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Helps you know just carry that flavor as something in big in new on the restaurant scene the bill Rancic is involved in we'll get to that the second let's say gets caught up on the latest weather and the messy stuff common so is the extreme all the morning rush not that big a deal is it Steve no I it's gonna be nice actually headed your guy actually had a very nice commute this morning but going home is gonna be another story Bob a winter weather advisory kicks in later this afternoon and will love be in effect until tomorrow with the snow coming probably between three and five o'clock this afternoon and evening picking up in intensity overnight maybe some ice even coming down as well thirty for a low tonight after a high of thirty one today thirty seven tomorrow mom on Sunday as everything comes to an end partly sunny hide your fifteen much colder next week temperatures in the teens and wind chills near zero or below right now in Chicago we have partly cloudy skies it's eighteen at o'hare twenty four at midway twenty six of the lake front it's eighteen in Racine and the wind chill is seven bowls hit the road tonight in Philadelphia the Blackhawks at Toronto tomorrow here on WGN championship weekend is here in the NFL and the cubs convention starts tonight we've seen very light traffic this morning especially on the even as a young man Kennedy they'll still about forty six minutes from here in thirty eight from the Eaton's half hour in the express out by the airport thirty Eisenhower just slow from Mannheim and Harlem or delay start independence forty two in from three ninety half hour from Mannheim clear up and Stevenson thirty six from the tri state Ryan from ninety fifth about twenty five minutes and lake shore drive savvy from foster to Fullerton in Gurnee watch for style Belvedere and Milwaukee I'm a van Velde net traffic center remind you to drive responsibly really is a matter of life or death let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll.

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