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N detroy f four field air and went down with a concussion but even before then i remembered dropping a why i mean i wasn't wide yes i was i was wide open i mean i i score the ball end up hitting my helmet popping up unlooked i'm turning around and the defender has picked it off and he's run other way we ended up losing a game seven to three matt flynn came in venice the gave for erin in we just it was a it was a terrible game it was a flight new early we knew we knew we knew early on i saw when i saw tyron smith was a late scratch without zeke i mean i'm just sitting there before the games unlike out up to this this is doc it'd be good and then shanley goes out and i'm like okay i shanley's amazing here the cowboys within without shanley this is an amazing thing jj watch a great player while jj what is a great player but houston's record is the same with him in without him how do you explain shanley's importance he understands the importance of what it means to get everybody in position it you can't win when you see that green dot on a defender that means that the coaches and and your teammates pretty much know that you're the guy that's gonna put us in the best position and you can communicate what the coaches are trying to get us to do what our defensive coordinator often supported or trying to get us to do sean lee is one of those guys that he is a quarterback on the defensive side of the ball that can get everybody lined up in in the best position to where they can have success when you remove that you now go to someone who's not use to or custom to calling the play and they not be lining guys may not be a great communicator the lutely he may he may forget the turnaround in relay what's taken place to the second day.

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