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Patriot com slash we hate movies Sayer, great guys. Anyway after that long digression. Yes. Number two. The specific bucks is a movie literally never heard of. So I'm gonna have to look up. What it is. Oh, I have heard of this. Well, it's a comedy. Darn one of Ben's Benz faves. I think it's on a Chevy. No, Jim Belushi, no book himself drunk candy. John candy, who's Harry crumb? No, we're moving. That's what weird not great outdoors. I don't know. Directed by Carl Reiner. John can't is he the only above the title. Carl reiner. I'll give you the tagline. Yeah. John candy is about to face. The most devastating experience known to man, the family vacation. But the focus is may twenty five million dollars. What's it called summer rental? Oh, wow. That's right. He's rented a house in the summer. What will join candy do next for that things? This post national Lampoon's vacation and movie. What this movie rents a season? I know, you know, he's. Goes on vacation with family. That's the plot. This was based on a summer holiday taken by Bernie, brittle sT, don't she's Craig. On a real vacation vacation was interesting. You should make a movie that he literally is like look affec- with a bunch of kids being heavy on the peach. It's no fun. So I guess he just like called like do a movie about how I like being fat on vacation. That's how like, you know. The Ron Howard Vince Vaughn movie the dilemma is based off of Brian Grazer being like my friend's wife is cheating on him. I side whether it Telam or not make a movie of that. Here's seventy five million dollars these dumb fucking bubble. Hollywood executives who are like the thing. I just experiences so interesting, let's attach the biggest comedy stars alive to it. Direct director Carl Reiner said quote Lakewood, Ryan director that like a small beautiful painting in a large frame. John is a handsome guy in a larger frame than is necessary. What's he talking about? He's just saying joke yet. Here's a handsome guy. Got a nice face. I agree. But he's just going to say like, he's a real handsome guy. He's just kind of big and I'm like, okay, call right near like that breaking news. Rhodri Birt's review of public mock-up, which was from his later. More generous years Scher where he gave it like three and a half stars. And he was like there's some intelligence to the visual language here. At the beginning of the film to be buffoonish. They film him in low angles the play up have James for tunnel. But later in the film issue because more heroin is chasing people on his segway. Should they go to higher angles that show off it actually has a pretty solid drill line? I just remember that constantly. He was very impressed with how they made the shot selection. They make him look less fat as the movie that's all he was saying, but he really got into devoted like a graph to it. Or Roger Uber and have tempered number four is another comedy is a lot of comedies people. Yukking it up nineteen eighty five. Have you seen this movie? If you like this seat of it was comedy central. It's another of his like the already mentioned him Chevy. It's chevy. It's not Fletch because obviously, we know fencing Fletch right spies like us. No, no. Solo chevy. No sorta solo. I mean, he's his with people so hard to give clues very hard. I mean, it's not a vacation movie. So it's European. Yeah. Yeah. Directed by. Emme heckling we'll hopefully cover some think so interesting career interesting career number five is a very good movie. I like this movie, it's a harder company. A casper as spirit of ginning. No, wait a second. That's not what it is at all five. It's very good horror movie. Is it get my years wrong here is it a sequel or is it a original? It does have a sequel and then much later a remake. Only had one sequel just the one the sequel was a huge she was a huge bomb, and how was the remake. I like it. It stars of my boyfriend's, not, Colin. Yes calling. It starts calling. Sequel it's a horror movie starring Colin he only really as far as I know made one horror movie. Oh, yes. A movie I like, although and I know this a secular dry for this. I think the remake is better..

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