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Hands of her young actors hear what what surprised you the most about working with the young people in this film i think really what surprise me about working with these kids is how little different it was really a from working with with adults it's definitely true that we cast some extremely bright and precocious and in curious kids who took their their their jobs in their characters and the story very very seriously and and we're very generous with their ideas and were really very into it you know but i also think it's true about this age this aides of around twelve years old which all three of the central characters in the movie rosen the black and white story bannon color story in a little boy he meets in the museum natural history jamie they're all about twelve and it's this kind of amazing time i and i can speak maybe more as from for boys than than women but because puberty has not hate yet and you there is a clarity of vision there's a sort of wisdom about the world that is pretty remarkable and one might argue we never really exceed in la voin on for various reasons militant simmons who plays roche she's death she is daft and wonder struck of their first film role yeah how did you find her it worked with my casting director laura rosenthal i've been working with for many years masing and she enlisted heard small department in emissions of relief first get to know where the deaf communities sort of collect around the united states and start to list start soliciting unnoticed as about this this role oh but we were on the search for this this kid to be in movie and.

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