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Jay Inslee wants to eliminate hepatitis C in Washington state in the next twelve years. The governor says the state has an estimated sixty five thousand cases of. Hepatitis C that adds that they can get that number two zero by the year twenty thirty the way to do that is have a very effective prevention program. So the people get tested and treatment programs. So everybody. Access to this lifesaving cure. So he's issued an executive order that would connect more people with prevention and treatment programs and use the state's purchasing power to buy medication in bulk. Inslee says the plan would save thousands of lives and millions of dollars. Jeff pohjola. Komo news air, travelers may be reading too much into a story out of Los Angeles. Suggesting it's okay to carry pot onto a plane that buzz emanating from southern California is the Los Angeles International airport policy that says travelers are now allowed to pack marijuana when flying out of LAX, according to the Los Angeles Times if it's legal on the street, it's legal at the airport. All bets are off though when it comes to passing through a federal TSA checkpoint. It's unclear if federal authorities will be lax about the LAX policy. Meanwhile, at seatac airport port of Seattle Commissioner Ryan Kalkin says the day may come when we'd is allowed on planes for flights within a state where pot is legal, but he adds such. Policy would have little impact in Washington. Fourteen hundred flights per day coming going from seatac and the vast majority of flights are either overseas or other states. And so I suspect that it's a policy that wouldn't have broad implications. Even if we considered it for now pod is just as legal at seatac as it is at LAX right up until you try to board a plane Corwin Hake. Komo news. Plenty of police on the campus of Shelton high school today, but classes are in session Shilton police, captain Mike viola says there was a rumor of potential school shooting today. People are walking in the hallways overhearing things. And at this point, no student was specifically named as potential shooter and everybody that was a witness has been interviewed. So classes are in session, but extra police are there to comb nerves. A judge has found probable cause to keep the couple accused in the murder of a sixty seven year old Renton man behind bars. The couple did not appear in court to say last Wednesday thirty nine year old Jeremy Schaap, hep. For sprayed the victim and bludgeoned him over the head until he died the next day. Investigators say that to handyman found the dead man, wrapped in a comforter and a tarp with his hands and feet tied up to detectives say Shah and his wife lorraina Shaw stole the man's belongings including his car, which they burned in Tacoma. Local couple who survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Nearly a year ago struggling to feel normal again, Chris Gilman of Bonney lake took a bullet in Las Vegas in survived. Her wife. Eliza Korea was with her and refused to leave her side daily.

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