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Boston's got a shot against the cats they they you know they play defense they play they play more as a team you know that's what's great about boston they play the team they're they're more connected than the cavaliers but the cavs lebron and he's so great so hey if it's infants if it goes warriors cavs again that you know it is what it is it's two franchises that let's face it we've sucked basically for forty years you know where we've had some good teams here and there but never championship quality you know i sat through as a teenager watching the lakers and the celtics play and i was in you know it was great you know i was watching the best teams play on my team so i'm appreciative greatness i watched the bulls run jordan was so great and so you know what it is what is sports is cyclical folks so if it's the warriors in casts or the best two teams so they're gonna go at it again and you know let's just enjoy it so yeah whatever happens happens man but i'm calling the warriors face stay healthy no one's beaten this team they play so together i've never seen moore and selfish team in all my sports life and they're so unique and you know people around the nation they just think they got started they score but what the lawyers do they just play together and it's so fun to watch they really aren't dragging i appreciate the phone call happy birthday thank you for making the call zach yelp show in for came carbon on cbs sports radio let me just touch it a few things that he said i believe that the rockets will pose a threat to the warriors i think it's gonna be a tough series i don't think we'll be that easy but the words will still win you look at steph curry right now he's coming back and he is just fine so that's a big plus i was talking to rick barry about that before the postseason started the hall of famer and he was a little bit concerned and he said the biggest key for the words just postseason is how effective is steph when he comes back and he's been effective i had to really good games one.

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