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So what is new in your world celebrities kind of like the rest of us in as much as they can't get to where they want to be going and that would include Harry styles he's stuck in California after his plans to fly back to Europe for the last leg of his love on tour were canceled amid the covert nineteen pandemic Kerry style shared it was supposed to be on board a flight home but on that exact date the United States cancel all flights so I just had to stay here Kerry styles of set top performance dates in the UK but now those shows have been postponed until twenty twenty one so he's just staying home he got a place to stay I know why I hope we can you know I hope you brought some travelers checks when he wrote it you can you don't get you know a motel or some yeah I'm sure that you could just call to his local law this is staying with because that would be weird like is he staying with people is I'm sure he's got a number tension for a place the RT has had them like he might keep your staff that's what I want to know are celebrities like hunkered down with their staff well I think Madonna is well making her way right now all he was shooting those Madonna Instagram video with her staff yeah not lotus notes Lizzo doing something nice she sent lunch to the ER staff at the number of hospitals in right here at the university of Minnesota their hospital here in Minneapolis where Lizzo started her singing career of course I love it and she is her publicist told The Seattle Times that loses and several hospitals that were hit really hard for staff working around the clock so wanted to share that she is just like he's what the world needs right now a little thank you Liz selling excellent cell and does the world need a naked Suzanne Somers celebrating our seventy fifth she naked again she wants to be naked for a set on a bush okay no because like she did that once the bush crouched in the bushes Instagram sure he didn't know what she was doing was to approach like the one we just don't blame me just just over here well Suzanne Somers wants to do something special to celebrate her upcoming seventy fifth birthday okay appear in the nude in playboy magazine preferably in a photo shoot done by Annie Leibovitz but here's the problem Suzanne Somers program playboy magazine is no longer well at least in print form they still have a digital representation but you know why doesn't she just do the thing with Annie Leibovitz and then publisher nudie photos click on security well I think she wants somebody to foot the bill that only ends all she could do it makes the money girl showing off you proud show me that stuff I mean I would probably you would pay for that okay so I would not tell you for that are you crazy.

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