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Ardor buddy. Welcome back to the show were so thrilled to have this guy on a podcasting giant, a fantastic director a variety of guy, we hung in Vegas with Chester live the best Vegas night of our lives with this gentleman right here playing a game that none of us. Understood back around you me, and the women that we thought the Asian women who or other. Daughter, and they just had just real estate checks Tom sharply. What's up? What's up, buddy? How are you guys? We're good. You're in Toronto. You're my guess is checking in with Kawhi Leonard. What's he up to? Well, you've done the now we are both north though, we kinda. Both do it now. Yeah. Are you teaching laugh like a human instead of whatever that thing? Oh my God. That was the most brilliant thing I've ever seen if that's not included in the next Batman movie as the joker laugh than like. It is second gear. Yeah. No. He was. Showed a side of himself on that that that you realized why this is so tight with saying anything to anyone ever is. It is. All we said that laugh has like a Tom Chambers dunk. You're like, I can't believe how banning high or even. Yeah. It's it's one of those things you could just picture like like footlocker clicking down. They preorder on. After that last. Kids are gonna want to that guy. Over the lady flogger tone their women's shoes. What we don't have a women's twenty tried the Leonard women's lady lady high top. Oh, man. They are. I watched them a little bit last night. I watched them dispose of Philly. And I they are legit good. I mean, I think I like the Marta rose. And I love what he's doing in San Antonio don't sleep on him. He's actually playing great. But Leonard is an upgrade from Damara Rosen. Am I right or? That's not even that's not even a kind looked Marta rose into. I mean, I think wise the best player in basketball. Honestly, I don't think anybody goes hard on both ends as he does. It's like he's now he's at peak power now. And I think that team is going to destroy the east, and I and I would think he stays here too. I really do. I think this is the kind of place that a I like that it's kind of a perfect size in a way where it's a it's a big city. But everybody is just it is they're so nice to their players here. And so so excited that they play for this city. And I think he's really going to he's going to. He's only means to do is take a look at like, the New York Post or something like that. And see what it looks like. Chummy Charles Smith headline. Anthony, Anthony, Mason may he rest in peace. You know, I do think like Toronto when you think about it as far as the city, and this is not to disparage San Antonio, San Antonio is a great city, but it doesn't even compare in terms of like the cosmopolitan nature of Toronto Toronto's, obviously, the weather sucks there, and that's going to be hard. But basketball's an indoor sport, you're indoors. All the time in the winter. I just feel like it's a very cool city. And I and I feel like it's an upgrade. Yeah. Except for the New Year's day game is outside that's hard. And he has to headline Yuk yuks comedy club on New Year's Eve, which I didn't. Weird headline just sit in the back and really know that is. Canada. Canada's just to me Canada reminds you of the United States in the seventies. Really white just kidding love wide open spaces..

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