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Infrastructure near her house the piping problem. So we'll have to see other detail shakeout. Okay. Gotta go to the roads. One last time on this Tuesday morning show with Brian Noble's and see what's going on the highways. Hey, Brian, oh, by the way, Eldorado county just done nine years ago. A lot of folks outweigh had their bills water bills tripled tripled overnight of on the basis of it. They needed it for interest infrastructure repair. They were told we were told that it was going to be about seven years as nine years ago. It's still in place. Coming down. So. Promise. No, they never really do this sponsored by the Sacramento zoo, eighty from Roseville nine minutes to the cap city split on the eastbound side did have an accident read around greenback. That's been cleared out of the roadways spot of slowing there. Westbound cap city freeway at Arden way got an accident in the center divide speed. Since is no show any heavy traffic there. Just a spot of slowing getting around at the split to downtown is fourteen minutes if you're making the trip in from elk grove on I five eighteen minutes to get to downtown Sacramento up considerably at Florin road. Seventeen minutes to do it on highway ninety nine fifty from Poulsen's at twenty two minute drive. Twenty four minutes from woodland on I five no delays coming in from David sixteen minutes to downtown heavy traffic once again westbound side, read the west capital, donate your vehicle today to support the Sacramento zoo. They'll pick up your car truck boat trailer RV at no cost to you. Whether it runs or not and your gift qualifies for a tax deduction. Donate vehicle today at Saks, zoo dot org traffic on the tans every ten minutes, mornings and afternoons. Brian noble's? News ninety three. Point one K F B K. This forecast is brought to you by Allworth financial some sun with a high of seventy two today, then.

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