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Full king sized snickers bar you know some of that give away the goods at the big one yeah the you're going to be begging mini eminem you're not going to finally that it well i you might be fine with that but it's really at the lake the bottom of the totem pole of like good candies to get on halloween now i take it from experience i've been trick treating for forty one years i think that you're going to see the shawn watson get somewhere between twenty and 25 fantasy points and it could law a lot of it can come in garbage time davis said many fibres oh by the way real quick the shawn watson or matt ryan althouth watson over ryan especially with the weather being what it's supposed to be a new york the shawn watson oor derek car i've got watson ahead of car for now okay if you can talk me into it i'll i don't like car on the road especially that long trip going out to buffalo even with the bills missing a couple members of their secondary i'm going to have a hard time trusting them i listen dave i i'm having a fun time have a good show tonight but we haven't gone to enough call so we've got yeah we got a few a few minutes here we got a lotta time less than our next segment will be nothing bought your phone calls but in the meantime let's take as many as we can before sports up they've got a lot to update john around the sports rowbotham wake great world series game four the number's eight five five two one two four two two seven what i want to do is do these as quickly as possible that our cars can just give us a question they will just give us an answer and we'll move on to our next one eight five five two one two four two two seven we start with chris in illinois christiana and fantasy football pig big eye on my have tom brady i want to beat the waiver wire because you owned by and weak nine so should i drop any abuse four on my bench josh talk then we'll need uh jim connor.

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