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Has has any movie star had their success so so directly tied to one collaborator as will. Ferrell in terms of the discrepancy between the could movies and bad movies I I know what you mean right because it would be like if we'll. Farrell's not working without a McKay. It's a right on. It's. It's almost always a red flag, and there are exceptions. There are ones that are hits, but that hasn't. You know because his his emergencies not tie to. That's what's crazy. It's once he makes inkerman. It's like you can tell whether the movie is going to be good or not. Is Right increment okay? It's before it. He has a good run working up from character actor to movie star, and then once he makes us I McKay movie. It is like a most of the non McKay movies flop. Be The McKay move the non McKay. Movies that succeeded the time. Age perfectly well. I'm not saying they've age poorly, but people don't have. One hundred percent. So here's welfare. He's on SNL. Obviously, it's very funny. You assume you guys agree that will. Farrow has the capacity to be tremendously funny comedian. He's he is. He is a perfect sketch comedian I. I'm not saying that in a backhanded way against his movie career, he is just one of those people who is so perfectly suited for schedule. BERRY EAT into it, yes, if he. Immediately like I. Want to know what he is doing. He also does does funny faces like. Jim Carey that just know how to do funny face will farrow can do a funny face, but in a way unlike Jim Carey it feels like Oh, there's something just inherently funny about this guy like when Jim. Carrey does a serious interview. You're like wow. Jim Carey's really drained of all comedic energy here. But when we'll fareless serious, there's still something funny about him. It's just like it's a problem. Has He's got a perfect body for comedy is our so beady? His his funny like everything about. Downhill, just! This year downhill. Where like they're like God? It's about this guy who's just sort of exposed as a separate of a buffoon. Him Self and I'm like you cannot cast fair over this. This is about practice, and this movie has the exact same problem, which is just like you know. This guy's a buffoon and you know he's GonNa fucking lose it. There's no. Killers we'll hear, won't he? Failed Movie I would say I would argue it's even more ridiculous in two thousand and twenty, two thousand. Five I suppose Hollywood still trying to be like. Can he play a regular guy you know like? This this is the other thing is as much as we're saying. He's a perfect sketch comedian. He does not feel like an obvious choice to become a movie star. In any sense, there isn't like a clear pathway in a head to what does this make Meyer Mass? Or, whatever like the other important through line and the characters he plays is there. Is that like childishness? Yup, he's. He's a man child. He's overgrown boy, which also then is like we. You can't really be romantic interest. Adult women aren't sexually attracted to men man child's I. Don't know what the plural of that is manned children. No that's why it's a specially weird when. Zoe DACIAN AL in. Early like has the mind of a child. Yeah, like okay. If you're going to throw a romance into Will Ferrell movie like okay, but that can't be the point just like a gross thing guess. Point? The ones are the ones where the romantic subplot feels like a parody of romantic subplots like Adamson Talladega Nights Christina applegate. Right, the fact that the other guys the joke is that he's married to. A whole mark. Wahlberg is like I I. We have to begin with. Barry this woman like anytime. They're talking and he's. A. Good job I just think about like a quote. I remember fincher doing some interview after. The whole extended casting process of girl with the Dragon Tattoo remember that when there was like a year of people. A. And it had apparently come down to Scarlett Johansson and Rooney Mara Pierce Nipple for that role didn't even get a call back. To and I didn't even get a I read. I do too and I wasn't even auditioning. We all had the fever. We'd Gotten Elizabeth Bug. But. He said this thing that I think about all the time where he was like look Scarlett. Johansson give a really great audition was very impressed I didn't think she had it in her. But what it boiled down to for me, scarlet handsome was acting like Scarlett. Johansson was doing a really good job acting in a way, not seen her do before, but Rooney Mara is inherently weird like there's something just inherently. About her. Movie he looked at her and he's like. This woman has never eaten a pie before right. He's like everything about you is fucking strange and with a movie like this and the way I work. What's important is what is the inherent movie star quality that you have which is what is the thing that at four o'clock in the morning when we've been filming for sixteen hours and we're on the hundredth take cannot be beaten out of you. You know it's just like what is the thing that is nate Lii in you that I will get onscreen every single second I shoot of you. And I feel like with Will Ferrell. It's a similar thing that Hollywood has constantly struggled with outside of McKay which is like. How do you use what he's good at? And how do you not apply to things that you fundamentally doesn't Click doing because they're just these things about him? That are so inherently. They're even when he tries to play serious. You know even when he's playing more of a character, even when he's playing more of an every man. It's just like there's shit that you just cannot control with him. But Welfare, yes. SNL Then, it's sort of like building this career of life. Small parts the first one powers. Dick he does. You know a couple of movies that are based on sketches night at the Roxbury. He's very funny and deck in a very very funny. He doesn't all three. That's those three paramount snl movies that come out one year after another when Lorne Michaels is like I'm GonNa make an SNL movie every year every fall. There'll be a new movie and. Men superstar then the ladies man..

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